Winged Tiger Pet in Adopt Me!

Introduced during the Lunar New Year (2023) event, the Winged Tiger has become one of the most sought-after legendary pets in AdoptMe. Though the event has ended, the allure of this extraordinary pet endures. Read on to find out everything about this mythical beast!

A Lunar Legend: How to Acquire the Winged Tiger

Initially available for 650 Robux at the Lunar New Year Stand near the playground, the Winged Tiger is now a rare commodity, obtainable only through trading. With its limited edition status, it has become a coveted asset among players.

The Beauty of the Beast: Physical Features

The Winged Tiger boasts a vibrant orange body, contrasting beautifully with its white underbelly. It’s adorned with black stripes on its back, face, tail, and wings, adding to its regal appearance. The pet also features white inner ears, a white beard, horns, and fluffy tail tip, with two small white spikes on each wing. The red feathers on its wings and its black beady eyes complete the stunning visual package.

Show Off Those Skills: Tricks of the Winged Tiger

Aside from its looks, the Winged Tiger is a performer. As it matures, the pet learns a series of tricks from ‘Sit’ as a Newborn, to ‘Joyful’ as a Junior, and so on. As your pet evolves, it continues to learn, ensuring there’s never a dull moment in your AdoptMe experience.

Neon Glam: The Alluring Neon Winged Tiger

If you thought the Winged Tiger couldn’t get more eye-catching, wait till you see its Neon form. The Neon Winged Tiger glows yellow on various parts, including underneath its wings, on its stripes, whiskers, nose, horns, feet, and fangs. It’s a spectacle that adds even more charisma to this already enchanting pet.

A Kaleidoscope of Colors: The Mega Neon Winged Tiger

For the ultimate AdoptMe pet experience, there’s the Mega Neon Winged Tiger. This mesmerizing version cycles through the colors of the rainbow in all the areas where the Neon form glows. It’s an awe-inspiring sight that elevates the Winged Tiger to a whole new level of magnificence.

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