Winged Horse Pet in Adopt Me!

The Winged Horse is not just another pet in AdoptMe! It’s a legendary creature that has inspired awe and wonder since its release on May 24, 2022. Read on to learn about this incredible pet that you can add to your AdoptMe! collection.

How to Add a Winged Horse to Your Collection

The Winged Horse is available for purchase at the Pet Shop in exchange for 800 Robux. Given its legendary status, it’s a solid investment for anyone keen on elevating their AdoptMe! experience.

A Closer Look at Its Appearance

The Winged Horse boasts a captivating design that leaves a lasting impression. Its spiky baby blue mane and tail pair beautifully with its white body and white feet, which also feature light-blue feathers on the back. Complementing its body are two ethereal white wings with light-blue inner linings. The pet has white ears with pink insides and shiny, beady black eyes that add depth to its persona. It bears a resemblance to the Unicorn but carves out its own unique identity.

Tricks and Skills: Beyond Beauty

But the Winged Horse isn’t just a visual spectacle; it also learns a variety of tricks. As it matures from a Newborn to a Full-Grown pet, it learns six different tricks: Sit, Joyful, Beg, Jump, Trick 1, and Trick 2. These skills make interacting with the Winged Horse a genuinely engaging experience.

Lighting Up the Sky: The Neon Winged Horse

For the enthusiasts who seek more dazzle, the Winged Horse has a Neon variant. This version glows a light cyan blue in multiple areas, including its mane, tail, wing linings, and even the fur on its hooves. The glow adds a celestial charm to this already extraordinary creature.

The Pinnacle of Splendor: The Mega Neon Winged Horse

If the Neon version is celestial, the Mega Neon Winged Horse is truly divine. The areas that glow in the Neon variant cycle through the colors of the rainbow in the Mega Neon version, making it a kaleidoscopic spectacle to behold.

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