White Amazon Pet in Adopt Me!

AdoptMe! continues to surprise its fans with an impressive lineup of pets. The White Amazon, released on February 9, 2023, during the Rain Weather Update, is a legendary pet that has captured the hearts of many. This guide provides a comprehensive look at everything you need to know about this unique pet.

¡A Legend Born in the Rain: How to Obtain the White Amazon

The Rain Weather Update is a special event in AdoptMe, and the White Amazon is one of its crowning jewels. Players can purchase a Golden Plantain for 199 Robux in the Rain Pet Shop or acquire this pet through trading with other users. The update is not permanent, so act fast!

A Vision of Purity: Physical Characteristics

The White Amazon features a sleek white curved body with two wings that make it a sight to behold. Adding to its uniqueness, this pet has yellow spots above its two black eyes and yellow feathers underneath its wings. Its eye-catching coloration makes it an easy favorite among players.

Talent on Display: Tricks Your White Amazon Can Perform

The White Amazon is not just about looks; it’s talented too. As it grows, your pet will learn a series of tricks, ranging from ‘Sit’ as a Newborn to ‘Joyful’ as a Junior, and so on. More tricks unlock as your pet evolves, keeping you entertained every step of the way.

From Splendid to Dazzling: The Neon Transformation

The Neon White Amazon takes visual appeal to the next level. In its neon form, it glows in two different shades of pink. The lighter pink highlights appear near the eyes, wings, and tail feathers, while the darker shades grace the face, wings, tail feathers, and feet. It’s a spectacle you can’t afford to miss.

A Symphony of Colors: The Mega Neon White Amazon

For those looking for an ultimate visual treat, the Mega Neon White Amazon is your best bet. Like the Neon version, the Mega Neon variant glows in the same areas but cycles through the colors of the rainbow, offering a dazzling visual experience that is second to none.

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