Unicorn Pet in Adopt Me!

The Unicorn in AdoptMe is not just any pet—it’s a legendary companion that brings a sprinkle of magic to the game. Though it was initially introduced in June 2019, a lot has changed since then, especially with the Basic Egg Refresh update on July 21, 2022. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Obtain the Unicorn in AdoptMe

Once easily accessible through Royal, Pet, and Cracked Eggs, the Unicorn has now been moved to the Retired Egg category. This change took place during the Basic Egg Refresh update. So, if you’re hoping to hatch a Unicorn from an egg, it now has to be a Retired Egg with a 1.5% chance. Alternatively, you can acquire one by trading with other players.

What Does the Unicorn Look Like

The Unicorn features a mesmerizing mane in sequential shades of pink, green, and yellow. It sports a white body adorned with a pink horn and tail. With a model similar to the Horse, Evil Unicorn, Golden Unicorn, and Diamond Unicorn pets, it’s a standout pet in its own right.

Tricks to Amaze Your Friends

But the Unicorn is not just about looks; it’s interactive and fun, too. Your Unicorn can perform a variety of tricks as it grows, from sitting as a Newborn to dancing as a Full-Grown pet. Every life stage brings a new trick, keeping the engagement levels high.

Neon and Mega Neon Wonders

Just when you thought the Unicorn couldn’t get any more mesmerizing, it does! The Neon version glows pink on its hooves, horn, and tail, while the mane shifts through pink, green, and yellow. For those who like an extra splash of color, the Mega Neon Unicorn alternates between pink, purple, yellow, and teal in the same glowing areas.

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