Turkey Pet in Adopt Me!

As the leaves turn golden and the air gets crisper, Adopt Me! added a new feather to its cap with the introduction of the Turkey, an ultra-rare pet that strutted its way into the game on November 22, 2019.


While the Turkey now holds a limited status, its significance in Adopt Me! has only grown, making it a sought-after commodity among players.

Name Image Price Rarity
Turkey Turkey adopt me 750$ (Farm Egg) Ultra Rare


🦃From Farm to Fame: The Turkey’s Unveiling in Adopt Me!

This particular bird can now only be acquired through trading or the serendipity of hatching remaining Farm Eggs.

🙂Taking a Peep: The Distinguished Appearance of the Turkey

Much like its real-world counterpart, the Turkey in Adopt Me! is a marvel of detail and design. Its light-red neck and head contrast beautifully with its deep brown body, resembling the autumn hues. Adding flair are its five feathers that alternate between light brown and a deeper shade, perfectly complementing the brown wings. The Turkey’s yellow beak provides a pop of color, as do its feet, while the black beady eyes add character. What’s truly distinctive is the dark red snood that dangles gracefully and the tuft of light-red feathers which stand proudly atop its head.

Flapping and Dancing: The Turkey’s Tricks Unleashed

In the world of Adopt Me!, pets aren’t merely ornamental; they’re interactive and filled with personality. As the Turkey progresses through its life stages, it showcases a range of tricks:

Newborn Turkeys perfect the art of ‘Sit’.

Juniors learn to ‘Lay Down’.

Pre-Teens busy themselves with ‘Dig’.

Teens spread ‘Joy’.

Post-Teens master ‘Dance 1’.

Fully Grown Turkeys flaunt their ‘Dance 2’.

Glow and Radiance: The Neon and Mega Neon Transformations

Adopt Me! is renowned for its Neon and Mega Neon transformations, and the Turkey is no exception. In its Neon avatar, the Turkey exhibits a mesmerizing peach-orange glow on its head and the darker tail feathers, making it a sight to behold during nighttime adventures. Taking aesthetics to a new level, the Mega Neon Turkey sees its Neon regions alternating in a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors, ensuring it’s the center of attention wherever it goes.

🔥Did You Know? Fun Trivia About the Turkey in Adopt Me!

Diving deeper into the Turkey’s journey in Adopt Me!:

The Turkey isn’t just a pet; it’s also immortalized as a toy in the game, known as the Turkey Plush. A must-have for collectors and Turkey aficionados alike!

With a 15% probability of hatching an ultra-rare pet from the Farm Egg, the odds of getting a Turkey stand at 7.5%. It’s indeed a rare delight for those lucky few.

😊Celebrating the Turkey: An Adopt Me! Gem

The Turkey in Adopt Me! is more than just a pet; it’s a testament to the game’s dedication to diverse, detailed, and dynamic offerings. While it may no longer be readily available for adoption, its legacy continues through trading, making it a treasured part of the Adopt Me! family. For players old and new, the Turkey serves as a beautiful reminder of autumn days, festive vibes, and the thrill of discovering something truly special. As Adopt Me! continues its journey, one can only anticipate what other wonders it has in store, but the Turkey will always hold a special place in players’ hearts.

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