Trapdoor Snail Pet in Adopt Me!

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Trapdoor Snail

Originally, the Trapdoor Snail could be obtained by hatching Japan Eggs. However, now that it has been retired from the in-game shop, the only avenues left are hatching any remaining Japan Eggs or trading with fellow players.

Name Image Price Rarity
Trapdoor Snail

TrapdoorSnail adopt me

Bucks 750 (Japan Egg) Ultra Rare

🦀The Rarity of the Trapdoor Snail

One such pet that has captured the fascination of players is the Trapdoor Snail, an ultra-rare find that was introduced on September 8, 2022. With its stunning aesthetics and unique skill set, it has quickly become a sought-after asset. In this guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about owning a Trapdoor Snail in Adopt Me!.

🙂Obtaining the Trapdoor Snail: A True Rarity

Its ultra-rare status and limited availability make the Trapdoor Snail an extremely valuable pet, adding an extra layer of excitement for collectors and casual players alike.

Appearance: The Aesthetic Appeal of the Trapdoor Snail

The Trapdoor Snail is not your ordinary garden snail; it boasts a flamboyant design that can turn heads. With a large orange shell embellished with white motifs, this pet exudes a unique charm. Its body is light reddish-pink, and it features two black eyes and two antennae that give it a cute, curious look. The intricate design makes it stand out, adding a dash of color to your Adopt Me! experience.

Tricks to Amuse: An Array of Skills

The Trapdoor Snail isn’t just pretty to look at; it comes with a repertoire of tricks to keep you entertained. Starting as a Newborn, it learns the basic ‘Sit’ command. As it matures to Junior, it exhibits ‘Joyfulness,’ and during its Pre-Teen stage, it can ‘Beg.’ Progressing further, your pet will ‘Jump’ in its Teen stage and will learn two more unique tricks in the Post-Teen and Full Grown phases. The sequential unveiling of tricks makes the Trapdoor Snail a fun companion at every stage of its life.

🔥Glow in the Dark: Neon and Mega Neon Versions

If you thought the Trapdoor Snail couldn’t become more enthralling, you’d be wrong. The Neon version of this pet comes with glowing purple antennae and a luminescent swirl on its shell. If you go the extra mile and opt for the Mega Neon variant, these glowing areas cycle through the colors of the rainbow, adding an otherworldly charm to your pet. However, do note that players cannot add shoe accessories to the Trapdoor Snail, so your customization options are slightly limited in that aspect.

🤗Why You Should Aim to Own a Trapdoor Snail

With its stunning appearance, entertaining trick list, and limited availability, the Trapdoor Snail has a lot to offer to anyone who is lucky enough to own one. Whether you’re a dedicated collector looking to add an ultra-rare pet to your menagerie, or a casual player wanting to brighten your virtual world, the Trapdoor Snail is an unmatched addition. The only question remains, are you ready to embark on the adventure to acquire this elusive, ultra-rare pet?

For those interested in enhancing their Adopt Me! experience, getting your hands on a Trapdoor Snail would indeed be a remarkable feat. So, why wait? Join the hunt for this extraordinary pet and revel in the joy and status it brings!

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