Tarsier Pet in Adopt Me!

March 2, 2023, is not just another date in the expansive chronicle of Adopt Me!.


It’s the day the Tarsier, a distinctive pet, made its grand entry, enticing players with its unique charm.

Name Image Price Rarity
Tarsier Tarsier adopt me 750$ (Southeast Asia Egg) Rare

🐻Welcoming the Tarsier: A Day to Remember in Adopt Me!

Despite its fleeting availability, its legacy lives on, attainable exclusively through the discovery of the rare Southeast Asia Eggs or the animated trade centers of the game.

🙂Diving into the Details: The Tarsier’s Aesthetic Allure

With the Tarsier, it’s love at first sight. Its round chocolate body paired with matching arms and legs makes for a sight of sheer adorableness. And while its physique captures the heart, its facial features steal the show. Two prominent round ears, exhibiting beige insides, perfectly frame its face. A delicate tuft of hair, a dainty pink nose, and two deep black eyes come together to create an endearing appearance that’s quintessentially Tarsier.

The Evolution of Tricks: A Tarsier’s Road to Mastery

Beyond its fetching looks, the Tarsier is also a quick learner, mastering a series of tricks as it matures. In its initial Newborn stage, it masters the ‘Sit’ command, a foundation for what’s to come. Progressing to the Junior phase, the Tarsier exudes happiness with its ‘Joyful’ trick. Further, in the Pre-Teen and Teen stages, the ‘Beg’ and ‘Jump’ commands respectively showcase its growing skillset. And just as players think they’ve seen it all, the Post-Teen and Full Grown stages come with two unique tricks that epitomize the Tarsier’s growth journey.

When Day Turns to Night: The Neon and Mega Neon Tarsier

For those seeking a magical spectacle, the Neon Tarsier doesn’t disappoint. Embodying an ethereal charm, its arms, tuft, ears, and feet radiate a mesmerizing purple glow, turning heads wherever it goes. But for those wanting to experience the zenith of luminescence, the Mega Neon Tarsier is the answer. Mirroring the glowing regions of its Neon counterpart, this version takes players on a vibrant journey, cycling through the breathtaking colors of the rainbow, symbolizing the beauty of diversity and evolution.

🔥The Tarsier in Adopt Me!: More than Just Pixels on a Screen

In Adopt Me!, pets are not mere digital representations; they are companions, embodying stories, memories, and experiences. The Tarsier, inspired by the real-world nocturnal creature from Southeast Asia, is a testament to the game’s commitment to biodiversity and cultural appreciation. Owning a Tarsier in Adopt Me! is akin to cherishing a piece of Southeast Asia, an experience that’s both educational and delightful.

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