Summer Walrus Pet in Adopt Me!

Amid the snow-capped terrains and frosty delights of the Winter Holiday (2021) in Adopt Me!, a distinctive and rather unseasonal creature made its entrance: the Summer Walrus.

Summer Walrus

Released on December 1, 2021, this limited rare pet captures the essence of sun-soaked shores, even in the heart of winter.

Name Image Price Rarity
Summer Walrus Summer Walrus adopt me 15000 Gingerbread Rare

🦭Summer Walrus: A Frosty Festive Surprise

While the event concluded, the appeal of the Summer Walrus didn’t wane. The pet can now be treasured either through trades or by opening the coveted Walrus Boxes, with a 26% chance of obtaining this tropical beauty.

🙂A Glimpse into the Sunny Appearance of the Summer Walrus

The Summer Walrus is not your typical icy inhabitant. Sporting a gray body accentuated by two side flippers and a hind flipper, it stands out with its black whiskers, beady eyes, prominent white tusks, and a distinguished snout. But the true charm lies in its attire—a white and blue floral-patterned shirt that’s intrinsic to the pet. This summery shirt isn’t a mere accessory; it’s an integral part of the Summer Walrus, distinguishing it from its counterpart, the Walrus.

Diving into the Delightful Tricks of the Summer Walrus

Just like every other pet in Adopt Me!, the Summer Walrus boasts a repertoire of tricks to engage and entertain. Starting as a Newborn with a basic ‘Sit’, it gradually reveals its playful nature. The Junior phase sees it expressing ‘Joyful’ emotions, while the Pre-Teen stage showcases its ‘Beg’ trick. As it progresses to Teen, it demonstrates its agility with a ‘Jump’. The Post-Teen and Full Grown stages are reserved for two exclusive tricks, solidifying its status as a beloved pet.

Lighting Up the Beaches: Neon and Mega Neon Summer Walrus

The neon transformations in Adopt Me! add a layer of mesmerizing beauty to pets, and the Summer Walrus is no exception. When evolved to its Neon form, it gleams with a blue hue on its iconic tusks, whiskers, and even its freckles, encapsulating the beauty of moonlit shores. For the ultimate spectacle, the Mega Neon Summer Walrus offers an ever-changing array of colors, cycling through every hue of the rainbow while highlighting the same features as its Neon variant.

🔥Fascinating Facts: Trivia on the Summer Walrus

Diving deeper into the world of Adopt Me!, the Summer Walrus stands out with intriguing facts. It joins the ranks of a few select pets like the Shrew, Hedgehog, Dalmatian, and Golden Walrus, being one of the only creatures accompanied by a pet accessory upon its original acquisition. Its distinct shirt bears a resemblance to Burt’s outfit, an NPC managing the Camping Shop and previously overseeing the Present Shuffle Minigame during the Winter Holiday (2021). A delightful bonus for players fortunate enough to unlock a Summer Walrus from a Walrus Box is the Summer Walrus Sunhat, enhancing its beach-ready look. Interestingly, this unique pet design doesn’t allow for any shoe accessories, ensuring its distinctive appearance remains unaltered.

😊Celebrating Summer in Winter with the Summer Walrus

In the vast universe of Adopt Me!, pets come and go, events fade into memories, but certain additions linger in players’ hearts. The Summer Walrus is undeniably one of those cherished rarities. From its sun-kissed attire to its captivating tricks and vibrant neon transformations, it embodies the game’s spirit of surprise and delight. Even in the chill of winter, the Summer Walrus ensures warmth and joy, making it a must-have for every Adopt Me! aficionado.

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