Sugar Glider Pet in Adopt Me!

Unveiled during the 2022 Easter Event, the Sugar Glider has captured the hearts of AdoptMe! players. As a limited legendary pet, it adds an extraordinary charm to the game. Here’s your ultimate guide to the Sugar Glider in AdoptMe!

The Origin: A Special Easter Surprise

The Sugar Glider was introduced in AdoptMe! on April 14, 2022, as a part of the exciting Easter Event. Originally, this adorable pet was available for purchase through Robux 2019 Logo Black 500. But don’t lose heart if you missed the event! You can still get your hands on one through trading with other players.

Exquisite Appearance: More Than Just a Cute Face

The Sugar Glider boasts a brown body complemented by a white underbelly. It has small black whiskers and a cute pink nose that makes it irresistible. Its unique wide wings are connected to its feet and paws, enabling it to glide gracefully. Additionally, its white-colored head is adorned with vertical brown stripes, adding to its captivating appearance.

Tricks Up Its Sleeve: From Sit to Trick 2

This endearing pet is not just about good looks; it can also perform tricks that can keep you entertained for hours. Starting as a Newborn with the ‘Sit’ command, the Sugar Glider progresses to ‘Joyful’ at the Junior stage, ‘Beg’ in its Pre-Teen stage, ‘Jump’ as a Teen, and then unlocks ‘Trick 1’ and ‘Trick 2’ as it matures into Post-Teen and Full-Grown stages, respectively.

Lighting Up Your Life: Neon and Mega Neon Versions

If you think the standard version is adorable, wait until you see the Neon and Mega Neon forms. The Neon Sugar Glider lights up with bright pink glows around its vertical brown stripes. In the Mega Neon form, those stripes cycle through the colors of the rainbow, making it one of the most mesmerizing pets in AdoptMe!

Why Every AdoptMe! Player Should Own a Sugar Glider

The Sugar Glider offers a complete package for AdoptMe! enthusiasts. It’s not just a beautiful pet; it’s a performer, a charmer, and a collector’s item. Whether you were part of the Easter Event or you’re planning to acquire one through trade, having a Sugar Glider will certainly elevate your AdoptMe! experience.

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