Starfish Pet in Adopt Me!

When the world of Adopt Me! beckoned, the Starfish responded with grandeur. Making its stellar debut on March 20, 2020, as part of the Star Rewards update, this non-limited ultra-rare pet swiftly stole players’ hearts.


To clutch this starry treasure, players need to sparkle with dedication by accumulating 550 stars in the Star Rewards.

Name Image Price Rarity
Starfish Starfish adopt me Free (obtained by earning 550 Stars in the Star Rewards) Ultra Rare

💫The Star’s Grand Entry: Introduction to the Starfish in Adopt Me!

Alternatively, the twinkling world of trading offers another pathway to acquiring the Starfish, making it a sought-after prize among Adopt Me! enthusiasts.

🙂A Closer Look: The Aesthetic Brilliance of the Starfish

Glistening in a radiant shade of orange, the Starfish is a marvel to behold. Its design intricacies, from the three gradient light orange spots on each arm that magnify outwardly, to the adorably pink blush stationed just beneath its black eyes, captivate players instantly. The joy of owning such a meticulously designed pet is unmatched, giving a sense of immersion and realism to the virtual seascape.

From Tiny Flutters to Grand Leaps: The Starfish’s Evolution of Tricks

With each growth milestone, the Starfish reveals a new facet of its playful nature. Starting with the basic ‘Sit’ command in its newborn phase, it advances to ‘Lay Down’ as a Junior. The journey continues with expressions of ‘Joy’ during pre-teen years and an energetic ‘Jump’ in its teen phase. As it matures further, it unlocks the mysterious ‘Trick 1’ and ‘Trick 2’, offering players a carousel of surprises throughout its evolution.

Neon and Mega Neon Spectacles: The Luminescent Transformation of the Starfish

The world of Adopt Me! is known for its neon spectacle, and the Starfish doesn’t shy away from this radiant tradition. When transformed into its Neon version, the Starfish turns into a mesmerizing dance of baby blue and pink hues. Its small dots metamorphose into an ethereal baby blue, while the previously subtle blush now radiates a vivid pink. For players seeking an even more dynamic display, the Mega Neon version cycles these glowing parts through the entire spectrum of the rainbow.

🔥Beyond the Appearance: Fascinating Tidbits about the Starfish

The Starfish isn’t just about its radiant looks; it’s rich in unique characteristics that set it apart. For instance, it’s the sole pet where shoe accessories adorn its head. Marking a pioneering moment, the Starfish was the inaugural aquatic pet in Adopt Me!, setting a benchmark for others to follow. It redefines movement with its distinct animation, opting to roll instead of walking, paying homage to the real-life locomotion of starfish. Moreover, when players take it for a ride, they perch atop its head or back, offering a unique experience. Perhaps one of its most delightful appearances was during the Ocean Egg countdown, where it showcased its flying skills, holding a banner alongside the Crab.

😊The Starfish in Adopt Me!: More than Just a Pet, a Celestial Experience

The Starfish in Adopt Me! transcends the boundaries of a mere in-game pet. It’s a testament to design excellence, gameplay intricacy, and an embodiment of aquatic beauty. As players navigate the expansive universe of Adopt Me!, the Starfish serves as a reminder of the marvels of the underwater world, and the delightful surprises nature holds. Whether you’re on the hunt to collect stars or keen on trading, the quest for the Starfish promises an enriching experience, solidifying its reputation as a shining star in the vast Adopt Me! cosmos.

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