Sprout Snail Pet in Adopt Me!

If you’re looking to elevate your Adopt Me! experience, the Sprout Snail should be on your radar.

Sprout Snail

Released on April 1, 2023, as a part of the 2023 April Fools update, this limited ultra-rare pet is more than just an April Fools’ joke.

Name Image Price Rarity
Sprout Snail SproutSnail adopt me Bucks 1,000 (Fool Egg) Ultra Rare


🐌A Fool’s Treasure – Meet the Sprout Snail!

In fact, it’s a highly coveted companion that’s got the Adopt Me! community buzzing.

🙂How to Acquire: The Elusive Sprout Snail

The Sprout Snail was originally available through hatching Fool Eggs, and lucky players had a 25% chance of getting their hands on this unique pet. However, now that the April Fools’ event has concluded, the only way to obtain this whimsical creature is through trading or hatching any remaining Fool Eggs.

🤔A Closer Look: The Sprout Snail’s Unique Appearance

The appearance of the Sprout Snail is as quirky as the event it was released during. It features a light green body and is adorned with a shell that resembles a leafy green Brussels sprout. Its two black eyes add a touch of adorable realism to this garden-themed pet, making it a standout in the plethora of Adopt Me! pets.

Tricks and Training: An Engaging Experience

Adopt Me! is renowned for allowing players to train their pets, and the Sprout Snail is no exception. Starting from the Newborn stage, your snail can learn a series of tricks such as ‘Sit,’ ‘Joyful,’ ‘Beg,’ ‘Jump,’ ‘Trick 1,’ and ‘Trick 2.’ This makes your interactions with the Sprout Snail not only endearing but also highly interactive.

Brighten Up: The Neon and Mega Neon Versions

If you’re a fan of luminescence, you’re in luck. The Neon Sprout Snail glows a soft blue on its Brussels sprout shell. Want to take it up a notch? The Mega Neon version of the Sprout Snail cycles through the rainbow colors on the same shell area, providing a mesmerizing visual display for you and your friends to enjoy.

🔥Fun Facts and Trivia: The Oddities of the Sprout Snail

In addition to its interesting features, the Sprout Snail has some fascinating trivia attached to it. Despite its Christmas-themed shell, the pet was released to commemorate April Fools’ Day. Interestingly, players cannot accessorize the Sprout Snail with any type of shoe, keeping its natural charm intact.

🤗The Sprout Snail – A Must-Have for Adopt Me! Enthusiasts

All in all, the Sprout Snail is a unique, highly collectible, and engaging pet in the world of Adopt Me! Its limited availability, cute and quirky design, and the range of tricks it can perform make it a sought-after companion. Whether you’re new to the game or an Adopt Me! veteran, the Sprout Snail is a fantastic addition to your pet collection.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to snag this remarkable pet through trading or hatching those rare Fool Eggs. Happy playing!

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