Shrew Pet in Adopt Me!

The world of Adopt Me! is vast and diverse, offering players a myriad of pets to adopt, nurture, and show off.


However, some of these virtual pets hold a special status due to their rarity and unique histories.

Name Image Price Rarity
Shrew Shrew adopt me 23000 Gingerbread

🦊Tracing the Origins: From Gingerbread to Rare Gem

One such pet is the Shrew. Initially available during the festive 2019 Christmas Event, players had the opportunity to own this intriguing creature by parting with 23,000 Gingerbread. But, like all good things, the Shrew’s availability was fleeting. Since January 11, 2020, this little critter became a relic of the past, only attainable through trading.

🙂The Transformation: Elf Shrew to Just Shrew

The Shrew wasn’t always known by this simple name. Before the significant “Dress Your Pets Update,” this little mammal was fondly called the “Elf Shrew” and sported an Elf Hat atop its head. Post-update, the hat was thoughtfully shifted to the owner’s inventory, transforming it into a tradable pet accessory. It’s fascinating to note that players who were the proud owners of a Neon Elf Shrew were bestowed with four Elf Hats, a generous gesture. Furthermore, purchasing a Hedgehog would also fetch players an Elf Hat, adding to the charm of the event.

🤗A Close Look: The Aesthetic Appeal of the Shrew

When it comes to appearance, the Shrew doesn’t disappoint. Flaunting a brown body, tail, and feet, it’s the contrasting light tan underbelly and ears that catch one’s attention. The playful pink of its nose, mirrored inside its ears, and the black beady eyes encircled by a tan ring make it one of the cutest pets in the Adopt Me! universe.

✔️Engaging Interactions: The Shrew’s Set of Tricks

A pet’s charm in Adopt Me! doesn’t solely lie in its appearance. Their ability to interact through tricks amplifies their appeal. The Shrew showcases a series of skills that grow as it matures:

Newborn: Sit
Junior: Lay Down
Pre-Teen: Joy
Teen: Jump
Post-Teen: Trick 1
Full Grown: Trick 2

Each stage brings with it a new trick, adding to the excitement of raising this delightful creature.

A Splash of Colors: Neon and Mega Neon Shrew

Adopt Me! has truly mastered the art of reinvention, offering pets the ability to transform into Neon and Mega Neon forms. The Shrew is no exception. The Neon Shrew mesmerizes with its bright pink underbelly. In its earlier Elf avatar, the Neon Elf Shrew boasted a glowing yellow bell on its hat, a feature that ceased post the Dress Your Pets update. On the other hand, the Mega Neon Shrew promises a spectacle, cycling through rainbow colors in areas similar to the Neon form.

Trivia Tidbit: The Shrew holds the distinction of being among the few pets in Adopt Me! whose pet wear glowed in its Neon form. However, the game’s dynamics changed, making the Elf Hat a tradable item, thereby altering the Shrew’s glowing attribute.

⭐Celebrating the Unique Shrew in Adopt Me!

Adopt Me! is a realm of endless possibilities and the Shrew stands testament to this fact. From its origin during a festive event to its transformations and aesthetic allure, the Shrew remains a sought-after pet in the game. As players continue their quests to collect and nurture unique pets, the Shrew stands as a cherished memory of a festive season, holding a special place in many virtual homes.

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