Shark Puppy Pet in Adopt Me!

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when the fierceness of a shark meets the cuteness of a puppy, look no further. AdoptMe! introduced the Shark Puppy during its Summer Festival on June 15, 2023, and it’s been making waves ever since. Let’s dive into the details!

How to Get Your Own Shark Puppy

Initially offered for a whopping 100,000 Beach Balls, the Shark Puppy was a much-coveted addition to the AdoptMe! Summer Festival. Although the event has ended, the legendary pet is still up for grabs via trading. Be prepared to offer something equally legendary to reel in this one-of-a-kind pet.

A Glimpse Into the Appearance

The Shark Puppy is a masterstroke of design ingenuity. It features a light blue body with a white underbelly and four adorable feet. The pet’s crowning glory is the fin atop its head, which is complemented by two pointed teeth sticking out from its mouth and a pair of striking black eyes.

Tricks Up Its Sleeve (Or Fin!)

Despite its ferocious appearance, the Shark Puppy is a quick learner and will master a range of tricks as it grows. Starting with ‘Sit’ as a Newborn, the pet advances to ‘Joyful,’ ‘Beg,’ ‘Jump,’ and two undisclosed tricks as it reaches Post-Teen and Full Grown stages.

Light Up the Ocean with Neon Shark Puppy

If you thought the Shark Puppy couldn’t get any better, wait until you encounter its Neon version. The Neon Shark Puppy literally shines, with a vivid pink glow emanating from its underbelly and the tip of its tail, making it even more irresistible.

The Ultimate Prize: Mega Neon Shark Puppy

For those who are truly committed, the Mega Neon Shark Puppy is the ultimate prize. It features the same glowing areas as its Neon counterpart but takes the spectacle up a notch by cycling through all the colors of the rainbow.

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