Robin Pet in Adopt Me!

During the 2019 Christmas Event, on December 14th, Adopt Me! welcomed a new member into its vast pet family – the Robin.

Robin adopt me

The Arrival of the Robin in Adopt Me!

Introduced as a limited common pet, the Robin is no longer directly obtainable, and can only be acquired either through trading or hatching any leftover Christmas Eggs. With a 45% chance of hatching a common pet from the Christmas Egg, the Robin became a favored addition for many players.

Unpacking the Robin’s Appearance

The Robin in Adopt Me! showcases a charming aesthetic that makes it a beloved pet. It is characterized by a dark orange underbelly and part of the face, while the outer body is a beautiful brown. Its legs sport a slightly lighter shade of orange, and the appearance is rounded off with black beady eyes, a black beak, and three distinct tail feathers.

Tricks Up The Robin’s Sleeve

In addition to its striking looks, the Robin is also known for its repertoire of tricks. Starting as a newborn, the Robin can ‘Sit’, and as it progresses to the junior stage, it learns to ‘Lay Down’. When it reaches the pre-teen stage, ‘Bounce’ becomes its new trick. The teen Robin can express ‘Joy’, and as a post-teen, it can perform ‘Dance 1’. Finally, when fully grown, the Robin delights with ‘Dance 2’, adding to its interactive charm.

The Spectacle of Neon and Mega Neon Appearance

Aesthetically, the Neon Robin and Mega Neon Robin are truly spectacular. The Neon Robin glows an enchanting orange-yellow on the inside of its body and feet. The Mega Neon Robin elevates this further, glowing in the same areas as its Neon counterpart, but transitions through the colors of the rainbow, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

Fascinating Facts About the Robin in Adopt Me!

The Robin stands out with some interesting trivia in Adopt Me!. It is one of the few pets that do not grow wings when flown. When a player rides the Robin, they will sit on its tail feathers, making for a unique experience. It is also one of the two pets in the bird family that were released during the Christmas Event in 2019, the other being the Swan. Lastly, the Robin is one of the few pets that glow different colors in its Neon form, although the difference is slightly less noticeable with the feet being a different color than the body.

The Unforgettable Robin in Adopt Me!

With its striking appearance, engaging tricks, and unique characteristics, the Robin in Adopt Me! remains a cherished pet in the game. Though it’s become more challenging to acquire with the retirement of the Christmas Egg, its appeal endures, with players eagerly trading or hatching remaining Christmas Eggs to add this delightful pet to their collection. This guide shines a spotlight on the joyful and engaging Robin, a firm favorite in the charming universe of Adopt Me!

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