Rat Pet in Adopt Me!

Every so often, Adopt Me! introduces a creature that captures the hearts of players around the world. The Rat is precisely one of these enchanting additions.


Available exclusively during the 2020 Lunar New Year event, the Rat carved a distinct space in the hearts and collections of players.

Name Image Price Rarity
Rat Rat adopt me 345$ Rare

🐀Unveiling the Mystique: A Limited Rare Pet in the Game

With a 93.33% chance of being obtained from the Rat Box, it became a sought-after companion. But now, with its limited availability, owning a Rat is akin to possessing a rare gem, making it a prize in any collection.

🐭A Closer Look: Understanding the Rat’s Aesthetic

The charm of the Rat goes beyond its rarity. Its appearance exudes character and personality. With a sophisticated dark gray body contrasted by a soft pink tail, the Rat is a visual treat. The beady black eyes, complemented by its pink nose and dark gray paws, accentuate its expressive nature. The gentle twitching of its ears and the rhythmic bobbing of its head infuse life into this digital creature, creating a bond between player and pet.

🙂Engaging Antics: Dive into the Rat’s Playful Tricks

No Adopt Me! pet is complete without its repertoire of tricks, and the Rat doesn’t disappoint. From its initial ‘Sit’ trick as a newborn, progressing to the ‘Dance 2’ in its full-grown phase, the journey of training and playing with the Rat is fulfilling. Every stage of its growth brings forth a new trick, making the Rat an ever-evolving playmate that keeps players engrossed and entertained.

✨Neon and Mega Neon Splendor: Radiance Like No Other

The Rat takes luminosity to the next level with its Neon and Mega Neon versions. The Neon Rat, with its bright pink glow on its ears, paws, tail, and nose, is a spectacle to behold. The illumination adds an ethereal quality, transforming the Rat from a cute pet to an otherworldly companion. On the other hand, the Mega Neon version is a riot of colors, cycling through the hues of the rainbow, making it a standout in any Adopt Me! environment.

🤗Not Just a Rat: Unraveling Interesting Trivia

Beyond its appearance and tricks, there are tidbits about the Rat that add layers to its story in Adopt Me!. For instance, the Rat Box was a treasure trove, not just offering the Rat but also a chance at its luxurious counterpart, the Golden Rat. Essentially a recolored version, the Golden Rat with its white and gold hues serves as the premium sibling to the Rat’s gray and pink palette.

⭐Celebrating the Legacy of the Rat in Adopt Me!

The Rat in Adopt Me! serves as a testament to the game’s commitment to providing immersive and engaging experiences to its players. It’s not merely about owning a pet; it’s about the journey, the bond, the growth, and the memories created along the way. With its intriguing design, captivating tricks, and radiant neon versions, the Rat truly embodies the magic of Adopt Me!, making it a cherished possession for any player lucky enough to own one.

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