Rabbit Pet in Adopt Me!

When Adopt Me! introduced pets to their universe on June 15, 2019, they brought along the delightful Rabbit.


This non-limited rare pet added a unique charm to the game and quickly became a fan favorite.

Name Image Price Rarity
Rabbit Rabbit adopt me 600$ Rare

🐇Introduction to the Rabbit in Adopt Me!

Initially, the Rabbit was available through hatching from Royal Eggs, Pet Eggs, or Cracked Eggs, but since the Basic Egg Refresh update in July 2022, it found a new home in the Retired Egg.

😇Adding a Rabbit to Your Adopt Me! Collection

Adding a Rabbit in Adopt Me! to your collection can be an exciting challenge. With a 6.75% chance of hatching a Rabbit from a Retired Egg, the anticipation is always high. Alternatively, the game offers the opportunity to acquire a Rabbit through trading with other players, adding another exciting dimension to the Adopt Me! gameplay.

😲The Adorable Appearance of the Rabbit

The Rabbit in Adopt Me! is a visual delight with its all-white fur, long ears with pink insides, and black beady eyes. The pet’s appeal is further enhanced by its round pink nose, making it an absolute joy to own and interact with in the game. The Rabbit’s endearing looks contribute to its popularity among players, adding to the allure of this adorable pet.

✔️Performing Tricks with the Rabbit

Engaging with the Rabbit offers an interactive gameplay experience, thanks to the tricks it can perform as it grows. As a Newborn, the Rabbit learns to ‘Sit’, and as it progresses from Junior to Full Grown, it masters ‘Lay Down’, ‘Bounce’, ‘Roll Over’, ‘Backflip’, and ‘Dance’. Teaching your Rabbit these tricks adds another layer of fun and engagement to your Adopt Me! experience.

🐰The Neon and Mega Neon Rabbit in Adopt Me!

For those who aspire to collect unique pets, the Neon and Mega Neon Rabbit variants offer an enticing challenge. The Neon Rabbit illuminates its ears, paws, and nose in bright pink, adding an extra touch of charm to this already adorable pet. For the ultimate collectors, the Mega Neon Rabbit cycles through the colors of the rainbow in the same spots, offering a mesmerizing display of light and color.

🙃Embrace the Rabbit – A Unique and Memorable Pet in Adopt Me!

As one of the first rare pets added to Adopt Me!, the Rabbit holds a special place in the game’s history, joining the ranks of the Bunny, Snow Puma, and Beaver. The Rabbit’s distinct appearance, along with the engaging tricks it can perform and its neon variants, makes it a coveted pet in the Adopt Me! universe. With its rounder body, shorter ears, and lack of whiskers, the Rabbit stands out from its Bunny counterpart, making it a unique addition to any player’s collection. Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner, the Rabbit in Adopt Me! promises a delightful and rewarding gameplay experience.

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