Pirate Hermit Crab Pet in Adopt Me!

AdoptMe! has captivated its players once again by releasing the Pirate Hermit Crab during its Summer Festival in 2023. Unveiled on June 29th, this limited legendary pet has taken the game’s popularity to new heights. Whether you already own this one-of-a-kind pet or are curious about adding it to your collection, here’s everything you need to know.

Setting Sail: How to Obtain the Pirate Hermit Crab

Originally, the Pirate Hermit Crab could be obtained from a special Hermit Crab Box, available for 12,000 Beach Balls. However, as the Summer Festival 2023 event has concluded, it is now only obtainable either through trading or by opening any remaining Hermit Crab Boxes you might have.

An Intricate Appearance: A Closer Look

The Pirate Hermit Crab is more than just a pet; it’s a piece of art. With a red crab body and a dark wooden ship as its shell, this pet sets itself apart. The ship features a mast, a black flag adorned with a white skull and crossbones, a steering wheel, and small stairs. Adding to its pirate theme, it has a hook in place of one of its claws, along with two menacing black eyes.

Performing on Cue: Tricks to Expect

The Pirate Hermit Crab is not just about looks; it’s also incredibly interactive. The pet will learn several tricks as it grows, including ‘Sit’ as a Newborn, ‘Joyful’ in its Junior phase, ‘Beg’ in Pre-Teen, ‘Jump’ during Teen, and two more undisclosed tricks as it matures to Post-Teen and Full-Grown.

A Neon Spectacle: What to Expect

For those who appreciate the dazzling appearances of neon pets, the Neon Pirate Hermit Crab is a treat for the eyes. The neon version glows a stunning lime green, highlighting its hook, sails, the bottom of the boat, and the inside of the ship. It adds an extra layer of fascination and rarity to an already spectacular pet.

The Pinnacle of Glory: The Mega Neon Pirate Hermit Crab

The epitome of uniqueness, the Mega Neon Pirate Hermit Crab is an absolute marvel. In this ultra-rare form, the crab cycles through the colors of the rainbow in the same areas that the Neon Pirate Hermit Crab glows. This visual spectacle makes the Mega Neon Pirate Hermit Crab a true treasure within the AdoptMe! universe.

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