Panda Pet in Adopt Me!

In the ever-evolving universe of Adopt Me!, the Panda made its grand entrance during the 2020 Lunar New Year Update.


Initially available as a gamepass for Robux 249, it later saw a price drop to Robux 150, making it a coveted catch for many.

Name Image Price Rarity
The Panda PandaPet adopt me Robux 249, 150 in the Final Stop Shop Ultra Rare

🐼Panda’s Majestic Introduction

Unlike its other furry friends, this enchanting creature wasn’t confined to its introductory event. Instead, it journeyed from the Pet Shop to the Final Stop Shop, allowing players to bask in its charm a little longer.

🙂Spotting the Panda: A Closer Look at its Appearance

The Panda, with its unmistakable round, white head, and contrasting black patches, is hard to miss in Adopt Me!. Its distinct black ears, arms, legs, and the iconic circles around its eyes are a testament to the meticulous design effort behind it. The Panda’s inner ears present a slightly lighter shade of black, adding to its charm. Structurally, it mirrors some of its kin in the game, such as the Brown Bear, Polar Bear, and Koala, yet stands apart with its unique color palette.

Groove with the Panda: An Array of Dance Moves

The Panda in Adopt Me! is not just a visual delight but is also geared up to entertain with its arsenal of dance moves. From its humble ‘Sit’ as a newborn, it progresses to ‘Lay Down’ in its junior phase. But, as it grows, its penchant for dancing becomes evident. The Panda unveils a series of dance tricks from its pre-teen to full-grown stages, ensuring its owners are always entertained.

Illuminate the Night: The Neon and Mega Neon Phenomena

The Panda, when transformed into its Neon form, is sheer magic. Every white part of its body, from its head to its torso, illuminates with a bright white glow, including the subtle inside of its ears. This radiant version is bound to make heads turn in the game. But, for those who crave even more dazzle, the Mega Neon Panda offers an extravagant visual treat. Cycling through the spectrum of rainbow colors, it ensures that its owner stands out in any crowd.

🔥Fun Trivia: Dive Deeper into the World of Panda in Adopt Me!

The Panda’s journey in Adopt Me! is peppered with interesting milestones and facts:

Post the 2020 Lunar New Year Event, instead of waving goodbye, the Panda moved residences to the Pet Shop, marking its status as the inaugural event pet to remain.
Among the bear family in Adopt Me!, the Panda proudly stands as the sole member available for Robux.
Players might notice a nod to the Panda at the Pool Party. A stone Panda statue, gracefully pouring water, became a focal point, only to be renamed as part of the Hot Spring during the Fall Event in 2020.
For those looking to take the Panda magic outside the virtual realm, the Panda Pal and the Panda Flying Disc toys offer tangible joy.

😊Celebrating the Panda: An Iconic Pet in Adopt Me!

In the diverse pet universe of Adopt Me!, the Panda holds a special place, symbolizing a blend of cultural celebration and timeless allure. From its aesthetic appeal to its playful antics, the Panda is more than just a pet; it’s an experience. Whether you’re an owner reminiscing about its early days, an avid trader seeking it, or a newbie learning about its legacy, the Panda’s tale in Adopt Me! is a rich tapestry of events, fun, and an undying popularity.

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