Ox Pet in Adopt Me!

As the Lunar New Year of 2021 heralded new beginnings, Adopt Me! players witnessed the magnificent introduction of the Ox.


Emblematic of prosperity and strength, the Ox became the star attraction, aligning perfectly with the event’s theme.

Name Image Price Rarity
Ox Ox adopt me 350$ Rare

🐃Dawn of the Lunar Celebration: The Ox’s Grand Entry

Available for purchase at Bucks 350 through the coveted Ox Boxes, the anticipation ran high. With a generous 6 in 10 chance of obtaining this rare pet, many players rejoiced in their newfound companion. However, as the curtains fell on the event, the Ox retreated from direct purchase, only attainable through trades or the dwindling supply of Ox Boxes.

🙂Elegance Etched in Gold: Delving into the Ox’s Appearance

In a game where pets don myriad colors and designs, the Ox sets itself apart with its earthy and regal aesthetics. Donning a rich brown coat complemented by a lighter hued belly, it is the golden embellishments that truly captivate. From twin glistening horns to intricate rings encircling its neck and nose, the Ox is a sight to behold. The pièce de résistance? A golden flower gracing its forehead, symbolizing abundance and renewal.

Playful Prowess: An Array of Ox Tricks

The Ox in Adopt Me! isn’t just about serene beauty—it brings along a tapestry of interactions. Commencing its life journey with the basic ‘Sit’ command as a Newborn, the Ox exudes ‘Joyful’ vibes as a sprightly Junior. As it steps into its Pre-Teen phase, the classic ‘Beg’ stance emerges. The Teen phase sees the Ox mastering the art of the ‘Jump’, leading to two enchanting and mysterious tricks awaiting discovery in its Post-Teen and Full Grown stages.

😊Dazzling Luminescence: The Neon and Mega Neon Ox

Adopt Me! enthusiasts with a penchant for luminescent pets are in for a treat. The Neon Ox, a radiant version of the original, shines brightly with orange hues illuminating its horns, golden adornments, inner ears, and tail-tip. Those seeking an extravagant luminosity can behold the Mega Neon Ox. Mimicking the glow areas of its Neon counterpart, the Mega Neon variant transitions gracefully through the kaleidoscope of rainbow colors, enchanting every onlooker.

Celebrating a Year of Strength: The Ox’s Symbolic Significance

The Ox, more than just a virtual pet, embodies the spirit of the Lunar New Year 2021. Representing the Chinese zodiac sign of the year, its inclusion in Adopt Me! adds a layer of cultural reverence. Moreover, while the Ox enjoys its unique spotlight, it’s worth noting its familial ties. It belongs to the diverse oxen clan of Adopt Me!, which includes the Lunar Ox, Metal Ox, and its kin, the Musk Ox.

🔥Embarking on a Journey with the Ox in Adopt Me!

The Ox, with its blend of cultural significance, aesthetic charm, and playful interactivity, is a cherished addition to the vast Adopt Me! universe. Whether you’re reminiscing about the Lunar New Year event of 2021 or newly discovering the allure of this pet, the Ox stands as a testament to Adopt Me!’s continuous commitment to blending tradition, entertainment, and community engagement. As players forge ahead in their adventures, the Ox remains a steadfast companion, carrying tales of the past and promises of the future.

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