Monkey Pet in Adopt Me!

When we think of exclusive and coveted pets in Adopt Me!, the Monkey easily ranks among the top.


First introduced during the iconic Monkey Fairground Event on May 28, 2020, it managed to captivate players’ hearts instantly.

Name Image Price Rarity
Monkey Monkey Pet adopt me 600$ (100% Chance)

195 Robux (90% Chance)


🐒The Arrival of the Monkey: An Event to Remember

Though the event has concluded, this delightful pet remains in high demand, attainable now only through strategic trades.

😀Unlocking the Monkey: The Mystery of the Monkey Boxes

While the Monkey Fairground Event was live, obtaining a Monkey was no mere chance but a strategic endeavor. With two distinct Monkey Boxes available for purchase, players had a guaranteed 100% opportunity to win the pet from the Monkey Box, while the Premium Monkey Box offered a slightly lower 90% probability. Such enticing odds were hard for players to resist, making the event a massive hit.

😲A World of Variety: The Diverse Faces of the Monkey

What truly makes the Monkey stand out in Adopt Me! is its breathtaking variety. Besides the standard version, players can explore five exquisite variations: the ethereal Albino Monkey, the elusive Ninja Monkey, the sharp-suited Business Monkey, the playful Toy Monkey, and the regal Monkey King. Each version isn’t merely about aesthetics but involves gathering specific items from the Monkey Boxes. This gameplay mechanic added depth and strategy, ensuring a continuous engagement for players aiming to collect all Monkey versions.

Adorable Features: A Deep Dive into the Monkey’s Appearance and Abilities

Sporting a beige face complemented by shiny, beady black eyes, the Monkey radiates innocence. The striking tuft of brown hair on its head and the beige accents on its hands and inner ears are in perfect contrast with its primarily brown body. As for its capabilities, the Monkey’s bag of tricks ranges from a simple ‘Sit’ as a newborn to a mysterious ‘Trick 2’ when it reaches full maturity. But the splendor doesn’t stop here. The Neon Monkey variant illuminates its feet, hands, and inner ears in a soft pale yellow, while the Mega Neon version goes a step further, cycling these parts through the mesmerizing colors of the rainbow.

Unearthing the Secrets: Trivia that Sets the Monkey Apart

The Monkey in Adopt Me! is much more than just a pet; it’s a treasure trove of secrets waiting to be discovered. Unique among all pets, the Monkey boasts the ability to morph into a different pet version when presented with specific items. Depending on the ingredient – be it Cymbals, Briefcases, Scrolls, or Staffs – players can transform their Monkey into the Toy Monkey, Business Monkey, Ninja Monkey, or the Monkey King, respectively. Additionally, the presence of the Albino Monkey and other reskinned variations with subtle appearance changes emphasizes the rich diversity of the Monkey lineage in the game.

⭐Celebrating the Majestic Monkey of Adopt Me!

The Monkey has indeed set a benchmark in Adopt Me! for its multifaceted nature, from its diverse versions to its transformative abilities. As players continue to reminisce about the Monkey Fairground Event and trade diligently to obtain this pet, one thing is clear: the Monkey’s charm is timeless. Whether you’re a collector, a trader, or just an admirer, the Monkey promises a rich and rewarding experience in the vibrant world of Adopt Me!

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