Mechapup Pet in Adopt Me!

Among the plethora of pets in AdoptMe!, the Mechapup stands out for its uniqueness and exclusivity. Introduced on April 1, 2022, during the April Fool’s Weekend, this legendary pet quickly won the hearts of many. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Mechapup, from how to obtain it to its exclusive features and more.

Obtaining the Legendary Mechapup

The Mechapup was available for a limited period, specifically from April 1, 2022, to April 4, 2022. Initially, players could purchase it for 850 Robux. Now, the only way to obtain this legendary mechanical marvel is through trading, making it a prized possession for collectors and fans alike.

A Unique Blend of Organic and Robotic

At first glance, the Mechapup is a visual spectacle. It features a Dog riding on a Mecha Bot, seamlessly blending the organic with the mechanical. Its arms are robotic and red, while its chest and hands have white-glowing cores. Interestingly, the Mechapup doesn’t have legs or feet but hovers above the ground, adding an air of futuristic flair.

Tricks That Will Leave You In Awe

Not just a pretty face, the Mechapup also comes with an array of tricks to engage its owners. As it evolves from Newborn to Full Grown, it learns to perform various tricks like Sit, Joyful, Beg, Jump, Trick 1, and Trick 2. Each new phase of growth introduces an exciting new trick, adding layers of interaction and fun.

The Dazzling Neon Mechapup

If you’re a fan of Neon variants, the Mechapup offers something special. Its Neon version features a light orange glow on the palms and the core of its chest. This spectacular lighting effect elevates the Mechapup’s appearance, making it even more coveted.

The Rainbow Hues of the Mega Neon Mechapup

For those who strive for the absolute best, there’s the Mega Neon Mechapup. This version goes beyond the static glow of its Neon counterpart. The Mega Neon Mechapup cycles through the colors of the rainbow on its palms and chest core, presenting a mesmerizing display of ever-changing colors.

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