Leviathan Pet in Adopt Me!

Launched on June 22, 2023, as part of the Summer Festival, the Leviathan pet in AdoptMe! is nothing short of legendary. It’s an eye-catching addition that has enchanted players across the globe. Whether you’re looking to trade for this unique creature or you’re a devoted fan eager to learn more, this guide has got you covered.

How to Obtain the Legendary Leviathan

Initially, the Leviathan was available for 130,000 Beach Balls during the second week of the Summer Festival 2023. With the event now concluded, acquiring this sought-after pet is only possible through player-to-player trading. So, get your trading skills ready!

Diving Into the Design: The Leviathan’s Unique Appearance

The Leviathan features a mesmerizing dark red body, accented with off-white markings on its front and sides. But that’s not all. The pet also boasts an off-white underbelly, two magnificent wings, a pair of off-white horns, and piercing black eyes. This attention to detail makes it a must-have in any AdoptMe! pet collection.

Fun and Frolic: The Tricks of the Leviathan

Alongside its captivating appearance, the Leviathan is a pet that loves to perform. As it matures, it will learn a series of tricks, starting with ‘Sit’ as a Newborn. This is followed by ‘Joyful’ during its Junior stage, ‘Beg’ in the Pre-Teen phase, and ‘Jump’ as a Teen. Additionally, it learns two more undisclosed tricks when it becomes a Post-Teen and a Full Grown Leviathan.

Glow in the Dark: The Neon Leviathan

If the standard appearance doesn’t dazzle you enough, wait until you see the Neon Leviathan. This glowing variant showcases orange horns, markings, and underbelly, adding an otherworldly appeal to an already extraordinary pet.

A Spectrum of Colors: The Mega Neon Leviathan

The epitome of rarity and allure in AdoptMe!, the Mega Neon Leviathan is a spectacle to behold. Just like the Neon version, the Mega Neon cycles through an array of rainbow colors in the same spots, making it a captivating sight and a pinnacle of pet luxury.

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