Lava Wolf Pet in Adopt Me!

One of AdoptMe!’s most intriguing and sought-after pets is undoubtedly the Lava Wolf. Unveiled during the Halloween Event of 2022, this limited legendary pet has caught the fancy of many players. Read on to delve deeper into the spellbinding world of the Lava Wolf.

A Rarity Unveiled: How to Acquire the Lava Wolf

Released on October 20, 2022, the Lava Wolf was obtainable through the Wolf Box, which was available in the Halloween Shop for 14,000 Candy Icons. With a mere 2.5% chance of acquisition, obtaining this pet became a badge of honor. Now that the event has ended, it can only be acquired through trading or unboxing any leftover Wolf Boxes.

A Vision in Flames: Appearance of the Lava Wolf

The Lava Wolf features a stunning visual aesthetic. Its black ribcage appears translucent, revealing glowing orange insides that look like molten lava. It also has glowing orange eyes, inner ears, and tail. The wolf’s snout is round, and its nose and outer ears are black, bearing a resemblance to its icy counterpart, the Ice Wolf.

Tricks that Dazzle: The Skill Set of the Lava Wolf

Like its legendary peers, the Lava Wolf is not short on tricks. From the Newborn stage, where it learns to Sit, to the Full-Grown stage, where it learns its final trick, the Lava Wolf is capable of capturing attention. Its joyful attitude as a Junior, begging skills as a Pre-Teen, and jumping prowess as a Teen add layers to its already fascinating character.

A Neon Marvel: The Neon Lava Wolf

If you thought the Lava Wolf couldn’t get more captivating, wait until you see its Neon version. The Neon Lava Wolf glows light orange on its nose, its feet, and the sides of its face, elevating its mystical aura to new heights.

A Rainbow of Flames: The Mega Neon Lava Wolf

The epitome of splendor, the Mega Neon Lava Wolf, takes neon to the next level. Not only does it glow in the same areas as the Neon version, but these areas also cycle through the colors of the rainbow, making it a magical spectacle that is hard to ignore.

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