Koala Pet in Adopt Me!

Every once in a while, Adopt Me! introduces a character that stands out, and the Koala, an ultra-rare pet, is one of those rarities.


It made its debut on February 29, 2020, capturing the hearts of countless players.

Name Image Price Rarity
Koala Koala adopt me 750 (Aussie Egg) Ultra Rare

🐨From the Land Down Under: The Introduction of the Koala

Originating from the Aussie Eggs, players had a 15% shot at hatching an ultra-rare pet, but the Koala had its exclusive allure, presenting only a 7.5% probability. Today, with its limited availability, the Koala remains a sought-after gem, obtainable mainly through trading or the dwindling Aussie Eggs.

🙂Koala’s Endearing Appearance: A Glimpse of Australian Wildlife

A sight to behold, the Koala in Adopt Me! mirrors the real-life charisma of this beloved Australian animal. It sports a coat of soft gray fur contrasted by a lighter gray belly, creating a blend of colors that add to its cuteness. But what truly gives it a distinct personality are the pink-hued inner ears, black captivating eyes, and a notable long, oval-shaped dark gray nose. It stands upright, swaying side-to-side – a characteristic shared with other bears in the game.

The Delightful Antics: Koala’s Array of Tricks

Like any cherished pet in Adopt Me!, the Koala is not just a static companion but is full of energy and tricks. From its initial ‘Sit’ pose as a newborn, it learns the art of relaxation with ‘Lay Down’ in its junior phase. As it grows, the Koala showcases its playful side with ‘Beg’, ‘Bounce’, and two exclusive dance moves that keep players entertained and engaged.

The Alluring Glow: Neon and Mega Neon Transformations

The Koala is not just about its baseline appearance. For those who love an extra sprinkle of magic, the Neon version takes visual appeal to a new height. The Koala’s nose, inner ears, and feet emanate a serene light blue glow, ensuring it stands out even in the most crowded of places. Yet, if that wasn’t enough, the Mega Neon Koala offers an even more dazzling display, cycling through rainbow colors in its glowing areas, in sync with other Mega Neon pets, making it a radiant marvel in any player’s collection.

🔥Diving Deeper: Fun Facts about the Koala in Adopt Me!

Motion Mimicry: The Koala shares its movements with a few of its in-game pals. Its walking style, upright on hind legs, mirrors creatures like the Sloth, Panda, Polar Bear, and the Brown Bear.
Beyond Appearances: Contrary to common belief and its bear-like appearance, the Koala isn’t a bear. This in-game character stands true to its real-life counterpart, being a marsupial, like the Kangaroo. An interesting nugget of information for players keen on wildlife facts!
Shared Design: If you’ve ever felt a sense of déjà vu looking at the Koala, it’s because it shares its design mesh with the Brown Bear, Polar Bear, and Panda, exemplifying the game’s design versatility.

😊The Koala’s Legacy in Adopt Me!

The Koala in Adopt Me! represents more than just another pet. It’s a slice of Australian wildlife, a nod to the fascinating marsupials of the world, and a token of rarity in the game. For players, whether it’s about collecting rare pets, having a charismatic companion, or simply celebrating the rich biodiversity of our planet, the Koala offers all this and much more. Its presence in Adopt Me! serves as a testament to the game’s commitment to bring diverse, educational, and fun experiences to its community.

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