Jousting Horse Pet in Adopt Me!

If you’ve ever wondered what a fusion of knightly valor and ethereal mystique looks like, look no further than the Undead Jousting Horse in AdoptMe! This limited-edition legendary pet is a fascinating addition to the game’s already diverse menagerie. Read on to uncover the captivating details of this unique pet.

A Halloween Spectacle: How to Obtain the Undead Jousting Horse

Introduced during the Halloween Event of 2022, the Undead Jousting Horse was available for purchase in the Halloween Shop for 1,000 Robux. Since the event has concluded, the pet can now only be acquired through trading. This makes it a highly coveted item for avid AdoptMe! players.

Bewitching Appearance: Get Lost in its Otherworldly Charm

The Undead Jousting Horse is a feast for the eyes. Its skeleton body is gray, and it is adorned with violet, lavender, and purple cloths on its back. Adding to its captivating charm is a violet helmet that crowns its head. It also features magenta glows in specific areas like the inside of its ribcage, eyes, back, and parts of its head, plus a dark purple nose.

Magical Tricks: What Can the Undead Jousting Horse Do?

Like other legendary pets in AdoptMe!, the Undead Jousting Horse has a variety of tricks up its sleeve. From sitting as a Newborn to becoming joyful as a Junior, begging as a Pre-Teen, and jumping during its Teen stage, the horse continues to impress. As it grows into Post-Teen and Full-Grown stages, it learns two additional tricks that add to its charisma.

Neon Glow: The Extraordinary Neon Undead Jousting Horse

If you thought the standard form was breathtaking, the Neon Undead Jousting Horse will leave you spellbound. It glows a mesmerizing purple on its armor, tail, and hooves, giving it an enchanting aura that elevates its in-game presence.

The Ultimate Glory: The Mega Neon Undead Jousting Horse

The Mega Neon variant takes it to another level of magnificence. The glow on its armor, tail, and hooves not only turns purple but cycles through the colors of the rainbow, making it a celestial spectacle in the AdoptMe! universe.

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