Ice Cream Hermit Crab Pet in Adopt Me!

If you’re a fan of Adopt Me! and you have a sweet tooth, then you’re in for a treat—literally! One of the most enchanting limited ultra-rare pets to ever enter the game is the Ice Cream Hermit Crab.

Ice Cream Hermit Crab

The acquisition of the Ice Cream Hermit Crab is a unique one.

Name Image Price Rarity
Ice Cream Hermit Crab IceCreamHermitCrab adopt me Beach Balls 12,000 (Hermit Crab Box) Ultra Rare

🦀Get Ready for the Sugary Marvel of the Summer Festival!

This adorable crustacean was introduced on June 29, 2023, as a part of the third week of the Summer Festival and has left players enamored ever since.

🙂How to Adopt this Sugary Delight

Initially, it was available through the Hermit Crab Box, which could be purchased for 12,000 Beach Balls during the Summer Festival. Since the event’s conclusion, the pet is only obtainable through trading or by opening any remaining Hermit Crab Boxes you might have.

Appearance: It’s Dessert and Pet Rolled Into One!

The pet’s appearance alone is enough to make you swoon. Picture this: a bright orange hermit crab, complete with two large, imposing claws. But what truly sets this pet apart is its shell—it’s made of ice cream! A pale yellow scoop sits under a pink scoop, adorned with chocolate sauce, a cherry on top, and of course, sprinkles scattered all over.

🔥Tricks to Make You Gush Over the Ice Cream Hermit Crab

Don’t let its sugary demeanor fool you; the Ice Cream Hermit Crab is also talented. Starting as a Newborn, it can ‘Sit.’ Progressing to a Junior, it becomes ‘Joyful.’ It learns to ‘Beg’ during its Pre-Teen stage and jumps when it hits its Teen stage. Lastly, it acquires two more tricks when it becomes Post-Teen and Full Grown.

🤗Neon and Mega Neon: Because Good Things Come in Glowing Packages

If you thought this pet couldn’t get any better, then brace yourself for its Neon and Mega Neon versions. In its Neon form, the crab’s cherry glows red, the lower scoop of ice cream takes on a light blue glow, and the higher scoop shines in salmon. The Mega Neon variant cycles through the colors of the rainbow in the same areas, offering a captivating visual spectacle.

☺️Additional Fun Facts About the Ice Cream Hermit Crab

While the Ice Cream Hermit Crab dazzles on its own, it’s worth mentioning that this pet truly stands out due to its mix of vibrant colors and intricate details. It’s not just a pet; it’s a piece of art!

🌊Don’t Miss Out on this Sweet Creature!

In summary, the Ice Cream Hermit Crab is a spectacular, limited ultra-rare pet that has everything a player could ask for—adorable appearance, an array of tricks, and an added touch of glowing flair in its Neon and Mega Neon forms. As one of the highlights of the Summer Festival 2023, this pet is not to be missed. Whether you’re a newbie to Adopt Me! or a seasoned collector, the Ice Cream Hermit Crab is a perfect addition to make your virtual life sweeter than ever.

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