Horse Pet in Adopt Me!

Amidst the digital realm of Adopt Me!, some pets have carved an indelible mark due to their beauty, rarity, and backstory.


One such virtual marvel is the Horse. Introduced as an ultra-rare pet, this graceful creature was initially available for players as a Gamepass purchase.

Name Image Price Rarity
Horse Horse adopt me 300 Robux Ultra Rare

🐎The Legacy of the Horse: A Storied History

Costing Robux 2019 Logo Black 300, the Horse was accessible directly from the in-game Shop GUI and the Pet Shop. However, like all good things, its availability had a shelf-life. As of January 6, 2022, 4:00 UTC, the Horse pranced away from the shop, leaving a legacy that is now only continued through player trades.

πŸ™‚A Mirror to Mythical Kin: The Horse’s Appearance

At first glance, the Horse might remind players of its mythical counterpart – the Unicorn. Indeed, their resemblance is uncanny, but for the Horse’s lack of a horn. Sporting a lavish chocolate-brown coat, the Horse dazzles with black eyes, mane, and tail. A unique touch to its look is the soft lavender-pink hue inside its ears, setting it apart from its fellow equines in the game.

βœ…Performing with Grace: The Horse’s Series of Tricks

Beyond its looks, the Horse boasts a repertoire of tricks that reflect its playful spirit and elegance. From its initial ‘Sit’ position as a Newborn, it moves to a relaxed ‘Lay Down’ stance during its Junior phase. The Horse showcases its youthful energy by ‘Bouncing’ as a Pre-Teen and gracefully ‘Rolling Over’ in its Teen stage. A thrilling ‘Backflip’ marks its Post-Teen phase, culminating in a joyful ‘Dance’ when it reaches its Full Grown stage.

✨Radiance Redefined: The Neon and Mega Neon Horse

The Horse’s allure doesn’t stop at its regular avatar. Those fortunate enough to possess a Neon Horse witness a mesmerizing sight: a diamond-like blue glow that illuminates its mane, tail, hooves, and ears. If that wasn’t spectacular enough, the Mega Neon Horse offers a visual treat with its Neon features seamlessly cycling through the captivating colors of the rainbow.

πŸ”₯Did You Know? Fascinating Facts about the Horse

Delving into the trivia surrounding the Horse reveals a trove of intriguing details. It shares its mesh design with the likes of the Unicorn, Golden Unicorn, Diamond Unicorn, and the intriguingly named Evil Unicorn. Moreover, before the Horse’s departure from the shop, an announcement on December 23, 2021, grouped it with other pets like the Robo Dog and Griffin, signaling their exit. A lesser-known but equally exciting tidbit is the Horse’s vehicle doppelganger in the game – the Horse Cycle.

😊Celebrating the Horse in Adopt Me!: A Testament to Virtual Elegance

In the expansive universe of Adopt Me!, where countless creatures vie for attention, the Horse stands out as a symbol of elegance, agility, and timeless beauty. Its departure from the in-game shop might have marked an end to its direct availability, but its legacy lives on in the game’s community, trades, and the hearts of players. As with real horses, which have fascinated humanity for millennia, the virtual Horse in Adopt Me! will undoubtedly gallop on, capturing imaginations and continuing its reign as a beloved pet.

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