Halloween Golden Mummy Cat Pet in Adopt Me!

AdoptMe never disappoints when it comes to unique and adorable pets, and the Halloween Golden Mummy Cat is no exception. Released during the 2021 Halloween Event, this limited legendary pet has intrigued countless players. Let’s unwrap the enigma surrounding this golden feline.

How to Obtain the Halloween Golden Mummy Cat

Released on October 28, 2021, as part of the Halloween Event, the Halloween Golden Mummy Cat was initially obtainable through the Halloween Mummy Cat Boxes with a slim 5% chance. Now that the event has passed, you can only acquire this elusive pet by trading or unboxing any remaining Halloween Mummy Cat Boxes.

What Does the Halloween Golden Mummy Cat Look Like

Don’t let the bandages fool you; the Halloween Golden Mummy Cat is as regal as they come. It is a reskin of the regular Cat but features golden bandages wrapped meticulously around its body, left eye, and tail. Adding to its allure are black beady eyes, black whiskers, and a delicate pink nose and ears. It resembles its counterparts, the Halloween White Mummy Cat and the Halloween Black Mummy Cat, except for its majestic golden hue.

Tricks to Impress: Show Off Your Pet’s Skills

The Halloween Golden Mummy Cat is not just a pretty face; it’s also an engaging companion. As it grows from Newborn to Full Grown, it learns a variety of tricks, such as ‘Sit,’ ‘Joyful,’ ‘Beg,’ ‘Jump,’ ‘Trick 1,’ and ‘Trick 2.‘ Whether you’re taking screenshots or showing off to friends, these tricks will not disappoint.

Neon and Mega Neon: A Luminous Twist

The Neon Halloween Golden Mummy Cat elevates the cuteness level by glowing lime green on its nose, tail, eye, and inner ear. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, the Mega Neon version cycles through the colors of the rainbow while keeping its eyes a captivating lime green.

Guide on Halloween Golden Mummy Cat in AdoptMe

If its rare status, eye-catching appearance, and engaging tricks aren’t enough, consider this: owning the Halloween Golden Mummy Cat adds a level of exclusivity to your AdoptMe experience. As the hardest mummy cat to obtain from the Halloween Mummy Cat Box, owning one makes a statement about your commitment and luck in the game.

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