Green Butterfly Pet in Adopt Me!

If you’re an AdoptMe! enthusiast keen on collecting unique and splendid pets, the Green Butterfly is likely on your radar. Introduced on August 4, 2022, as a limited legendary pet, it has captured the hearts of many players. In this article, we unfold everything there is to know about this mesmerizing creature.

Obtaining the Elusive Green Butterfly

Initially, the Green Butterfly was attainable through opening a Golden Leaf. The odds were relatively favorable; a 37.5% chance meant that luck was often on your side. However, since the Golden Leaf is no longer available, acquiring the Green Butterfly has become a matter of trading or opening any remaining Golden Leaves you may have.

The Alluring Appearance: More Than Just a Pretty Wing

What sets the Green Butterfly apart is its captivating aesthetics. Its wings are a soothing light green, decorated with intricate black lines and tiny white circles. The body consists of three distinctive black circles, one being the head, complete with beady black eyes and two long antennae. The medium-sized body is mostly eclipsed by its grand wings, adding to its charm.

Teach Your Green Butterfly: Tricks at Every Stage

As adorable and attractive as it is, the Green Butterfly is also trainable. Starting from a ‘Sit’ command when it’s a Newborn to more complex tricks like ‘Trick 2’ as a Full Grown pet, it offers interactive fun throughout its developmental stages.

The Neon Green Butterfly: A Radiant Transformation

If you ever thought the Green Butterfly couldn’t get any more eye-catching, its Neon variant will prove you wrong. The Neon Green Butterfly glows green at specific spots — its antennae, the outer lines, and webbed lines on its wings. This glow gives it an almost ethereal presence in the AdoptMe! universe.

The Ultimate Display: Mega Neon Green Butterfly

The Mega Neon Green Butterfly takes allure to a new level. Not only does it retain the features of the Neon version, but it also cycles the glow through a rainbow of colors, making it a living spectacle of ever-changing hues.

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