Golden Dragon Pet in Adopt Me!

If you’ve been playing AdoptMe for a while, you’ve likely set your sights on one of the most captivating creatures in the game: the Golden Dragon. Released on March 21, 2020, as a part of the Star Rewards update, the Golden Dragon is a dream come true for many players. Here’s what you need to know to fully appreciate this legendary pet.

How to Obtaining the Golden Dragon in AdoptMe

Unlocking the Golden Dragon requires dedication. To obtain this pet, you’ll need to accumulate 660 login stars and claim a Golden Egg from the Star Rewards. The Golden Dragon is not guaranteed; players also have a chance to get the Golden Griffin or the Golden Unicorn. Alternatively, you could trade with other players to add this magnificent creature to your collection.

What Does the Golden Dragon Look Like

The Golden Dragon boasts an outer body with a metallic golden finish and a sky blue inner body, complemented by sky blue horns and inner wings. Its appearance isn’t static; it undergoes a beautiful transformation at night, turning non-metallic and shifting to a yellow body with black details. It’s an aesthetic masterpiece and a reskin of the original Dragon.

Tricks Up Its Sleeves

From the time it’s a newborn to when it becomes a fully grown pet, the Golden Dragon learns a series of tricks that are sure to impress. These tricks progress from ‘Sit’ to ‘Dance’, offering a fun and interactive experience for players as the Dragon matures.

Going Neon and Mega Neon: Glowing Excellence

If you’re a fan of glowing pets, the Neon and Mega Neon versions of the Golden Dragon will not disappoint. The Neon version glows pale blue on its horns, wing membranes, and underbelly. The Mega Neon variant goes a step further, shifting between indigo, white, and yellow, making it unique among most Mega Neon pets.

Guide on Golden Dragon in AdoptMe

Why aim for the Golden Dragon when there are other golden pets? This legendary creature combines stunning visuals with entertaining tricks, making it more than just another pet. Its Neon and Mega Neon versions only add to its charm and make it a perfect choice for those seeking the best of what AdoptMe has to offer.

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