Glacier Moth Pet in Adopt Me!

Released on January 12, 2023, the Glacier Moth fluttered into the Accessory Shop of Adopt Me!, leaving a striking impression on the community.

Glacier Moth

Initially, to own this ultra-rare pet, players had to purchase 5 UGC (User-Generated Content) items, ranging from Robux 59 to Robux 100.

Name Image Price Rarity
Glacier Moth GlacierMoth adopt me Robux 295 – Robux 500 (5 UGC items) Ultra Rare

๐ŸIntroduction: A New Rarity in the Accessory Shop

The cumulative cost for these items was between Robux 295 and Robux 500. Currently, the Glacier Moth is no longer available for direct purchase and can only be obtained through trading with other players.

๐Ÿ™‚Appearance: Ethereal Beauty

A quick glance at the Glacier Moth is enough to fall in love. With a light blue body and antennae, along with its two black eyes, it epitomizes natural beauty. What’s more, it comes with four lighter blue wings that give it an almost magical appearance.

โœ…Tricks: From Newborn to Full Grown

If you’re eager to teach your pet new skills, the Glacier Moth has you covered. The pet starts off with the ‘Sit’ trick when it’s a Newborn. As it grows through the life stages of Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, Post-Teen, and Full Grown, it learns an array of tricks, including ‘Joyful,’ ‘Beg,’ ‘Jump,’ and two more unnamed tricks at the Post-Teen and Full Grown stages.

โœจNeon and Mega Neon Glamour

A dedicated Adopt Me! player always wants to upgrade, and the Glacier Moth won’t disappoint. In its Neon form, the stripes on its wings and its antennae glow in a tantalizing light blue. The Mega Neon Glacier Moth takes it a step further by having the same glowing areas cycle through the colors of the rainbow.

๐Ÿ”ฅTrading: The Exclusive Route to Ownership

Since the Glacier Moth was only available for a limited time and through a special promotional offer, it has become an exceedingly rare and sought-after item in trading. If you were not able to collect the necessary UGC items during its initial release, you’ll have to rely on trading with other players who own this coveted pet.

๐Ÿค—Why the Glacier Moth is a Must-Have

The Glacier Moth in Adopt Me! is not just another pet; it’s a statement of style and rarity. With its enchanting appearance, a range of tricks for every life stage, and dazzling Neon and Mega Neon forms, this pet is a coveted possession for any serious player. Its limited availability adds an additional layer of allure, making it one of the most desirable pets for trading.

With the Glacier Moth, Adopt Me! continues to engage its player base with exciting, unique pets that provide both beauty and playability. So if you ever come across one during your trading adventures, don’t hesitate; this is a pet worth having in your collection!

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