Giant Gold Scarab Pet in Adopt Me!

The world of AdoptMe! is teeming with fascinating creatures, and among them, the Giant Gold Scarab stands out like a shining jewel. This legendary pet is not just a virtual animal but a piece of art with unique features and abilities. Let’s explore what makes this pet so special.

How to Get Your Hands on a Giant Gold Scarab

Introduced to the AdoptMe! world through Mud Balls, the Giant Gold Scarab comes with a 2.5% chance of being unboxed. These Mud Balls can be purchased for Robux 2019 Logo Black 199 or acquired through trading. The scarcity factor associated with these odds amplifies the pet’s allure.

An Exquisite Design: The Appearance of the Giant Gold Scarab

With a brown body complemented by a golden head and wings, the Giant Gold Scarab is a creature to behold. Its unique attributes include two brown antennae with golden tips, a sextet of legs, and a pair of beady black eyes. These features give it an exotic and mysterious aura that is irresistible to AdoptMe! enthusiasts.

Tricks That Will Wow You: The Skills of the Giant Gold Scarab

As adorable as it looks, the Giant Gold Scarab is also capable of performing several tricks that will melt your heart. From ‘Sit’ as a Newborn to ‘Joyful’ as a Junior, it learns a series of tricks as it evolves. By the time it reaches Full Grown status, it will have added ‘Trick 1’ and ‘Trick 2’ to its repertoire, offering diverse ways to interact with your pet.

Neon and Mega Neon Variants: The Glowing Majesty

The already captivating Giant Gold Scarab ascends to another level of glory with its Neon and Mega Neon versions. The Neon Giant Gold Scarab boasts a golden glow on its back and an orange illumination on its antennae and between its wings. If you thought that was enthralling, wait until you see the Mega Neon version! It cycles through yellow, orange, and red, giving it a hypnotic effect that’s sure to mesmerize any observer.

Why the Giant Gold Scarab is a Must-Have for Your Collection

The Giant Gold Scarab isn’t merely a pet; it’s a symbol of prestige and artistry in AdoptMe!. Its rarity, coupled with its stunning design and engaging tricks, makes it a must-have for any serious AdoptMe! collector. If you have the chance to acquire this magnificent creature, don’t think twice; the Giant Gold Scarab is a masterpiece waiting to grace your collection.

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