Ghost Bunny Pet in Adopt Me!

As October shadows lengthened in 2020, Adopt Me! enthusiasts were thrilled by the Halloween event’s array of spectral pets. Among the creepy creatures, the Ghost Bunny, priced at Candy Icon 4,000, stood out, both for its rarity and ethereal beauty.

Ghost Bunny

Shrouded in a pastel blue hue, the Ghost Bunny is a delightful juxtaposition of adorable and eerie. With its long blue ears boasting light pastel interiors, and black eyes that seem to hold millennia of stories, it’s easy to be enchanted by this pet.

Name Image Price Rarity
Ghost Bunny GhostBunny adopt me 4,000 Candy  Ultra Rare

🐰Ethereal Arrival: Ghost Bunny’s Eerie Entry in Adopt Me!

Although this luminescent leaper could once be acquired from the Halloween Store, it has now transformed into a treasured relic, available only through trades.

🙂Beyond the Veil: Decoding the Ghost Bunny’s Appearance

Notably, its model draws inspiration from the phantoms in the Spirit Showdown mini-game. And while your inventory might trick you into believing it’s gray, in reality, when equipped, the Ghost Bunny reveals its baby blue splendor. As the cloak of night descends, this bunny shines even brighter, emanating a vivid blue glow.

Hop, Skip, and Spook: Ghost Bunny’s Trick Evolution

Just like its earthly counterparts, the Ghost Bunny is more than just a pretty face—it’s a performer too. Beginning its journey as a Newborn with a simple ‘Sit’ gesture, it evolves to display a series of heartwarming tricks, culminating in two mysterious stunts labeled ‘Trick 1’ and ‘Trick 2’ in its mature stages. Every phase brings forth a new delight, making the Ghost Bunny an endlessly entertaining companion.

Luminous Transitions: Neon and Mega Neon Ghost Bunny Forms

For those seeking a heightened spectral experience, the Neon Ghost Bunny is the answer. Adorned with pastel purple glows on its chest, nose, inner ear, and tail, this version of the pet is otherworldly. But for true Adopt Me! aficionados, the Mega Neon Ghost Bunny offers a technicolor dream. Glowing in the same regions as its Neon counterpart, it periodically cycles through a mesmerizing array of rainbow colors, making it a showstopper in every sense.

🔥Ghostly Tidbits: The Ghost Bunny’s Mysteries Unveiled

Fashion aficionados should note: The Ghost Bunny refuses to be shoehorned – quite literally! Players can’t accessorize this pet with shoes.

It wasn’t just a pet—it was a star! The Ghost Bunny was the second priciest pet candy-wise in the Halloween Store.

Fans of the Spirit Showdown mini-game might recognize the Ghost Bunny as the minion spirit, with its Neon version playing the formidable boss spirit.

And in a deja-vu moment, the Ghost Bunny made a haunting appearance in the 2021 Halloween Event, specifically in the Horseman Chase minigame. Players might also recall its ominous presence guarding the crypt entrance even before the event began, reminiscent of the Frost Fury from the 2020 Winter Holiday event.

😊Ghost Bunny in Adopt Me!: A Radiant Relic of Halloweens Past

In the vast universe of Adopt Me!, the Ghost Bunny stands as a testament to the game’s creativity and commitment to festive celebrations. As both a beautiful pet and a mysterious guardian of crypts, it embodies the spirit of Halloween. With its captivating glow and engaging tricks, it’s no wonder that the Ghost Bunny remains one of the most sought-after and beloved creatures, long after its original event has concluded.

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