Frost Dragon Pet in Adopt Me!

Released as a limited legendary pet during the Christmas Update in 2019, the Frost Dragon in AdoptMe is one of the most iconic and highly sought-after pets in the game. This article dives into its fascinating features, differences from its Shadow Dragon counterpart, tricks, and special appearances.

How to Obtaining the Frost Dragon in AdoptMe

Originally costing 1,000 Robux, the Frost Dragon was unveiled during the 2019 Christmas Event, which began on December 14, 2019. This pet is no longer obtainable through regular means and can only be acquired through trading, making it an exclusive addition to any AdoptMe collection.

What Does the Frost Dragon Look Like

At first glance, you’ll notice the Frost Dragon bears a striking resemblance to the Shadow Dragon. However, it boasts several unique features: icy blue scales, pastel-blue neon eyes, and bright light-blue smoke effects emanating from its mouth. Unlike the Shadow Dragon, it has no exposed ribcage and has extra spikes on its back, along with ram-like horns. These nuanced differences add to the allure and uniqueness of this majestic creature.

Tricks Up Its Sleeve: The Frost Dragon’s Playful Nature

Don’t be fooled by its intimidating appearance; the Frost Dragon is as playful as any other pet in AdoptMe. Starting as a newborn with the ability to ‘Sit,’ it progresses through different life stages, learning tricks such as ‘Lay Down,’ ‘Jump,’ ‘Joy,’ ‘Dive,’ and culminating with the awe-inspiring ‘Frost Breath’ as a fully grown pet.

Neon and Mega Neon Versions: The Radiance of the Frost Dragon

The Frost Dragon takes on an ethereal glow in its Neon and Mega Neon forms. The Neon variant sees its wings, spikes, horns, feet, teeth, and tongue glowing in a light blue hue. Previously, the Mega Neon version cycled only through blue and white. However, a recent update now allows it to cycle through all the colors of the rainbow, maintaining its mesmerizing light blue eyes throughout the glow cycle.

Guide on Frost Dragon in AdoptMe

Not just another pet, the Frost Dragon in AdoptMe is a symbol of prestige, rarity, and in-game mastery. Whether you were fortunate enough to acquire it during its limited run or have negotiated a successful trade, owning this pet is akin to holding a piece of AdoptMe history. Its rich set of features and the fact that it’s no longer obtainable make it one of the most desirable pets in the game.

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