Frog Pet in Adopt Me!

Amid the flurry of pets making their grand entrance into the Adopt Me! universe, the Frog stands out, not just as an amphibian but as an ultra-rare pet.


Brought to life alongside the Aussie Egg on February 29, 2020, this pet soon captured the imagination of players.

Name Image Price Rarity
Frog Frog adopt me 750 (Aussie Egg) Ultra Rare

🐸A Riveting Arrival: The Frog’s Introduction to Adopt Me!

Its limited availability only adds to its allure. While the Aussie Egg gives players a 15% chance to hatch an ultra-rare pet, the Frog remains an elusive catch with just a 7.5% chance of being hatched.

🙂Diving Deep into the Frog’s Appearance: An Amphibian’s Allure

Green, gleaming, and gracefully hopping around, the Frog’s appearance is a testament to nature’s beauty. The vivid green skin contrasts perfectly with the soft pastel yellow underbelly, creating a visual treat for players. The beady black eyes hold a certain intrigue, and the detailed four-legged design is meticulously crafted. But what truly adds life to this pet is its hopping animation. Every move of the Frog is a reminder of its real-world counterpart, hopping about in rainforests and ponds.

A Showcase of Tricks: The Frog’s Entertaining Arsenal

Like all cherished pets in Adopt Me!, the Frog is not merely a silent companion but a bundle of tricks and fun. Starting from the simple ‘Sit’ stance as a newborn, its repertoire expands with age. As it matures, players are treated to a series of tricks, from the humble ‘Lay Down’ to the enthusiastic ‘Joy’ dance. And as it reaches its full-grown phase, two mysterious tricks labeled ‘Trick 1’ and ‘Trick 2’ offer surprises that keep players eagerly engaged.

Luminous Transformations: The Neon and Mega Neon Versions

Beyond the Frog’s basic charm lies a world of luminosity. For those players who seek a touch of sparkle, the Neon Frog doesn’t disappoint. It boasts a bright neon yellow glow on its underbelly, turning it into a radiant spectacle in the night. If neon isn’t enough, the Mega Neon variant takes the dazzle up a notch. With an underbelly cycling through a spectrum of rainbow colors, the Mega Neon Frog becomes a mesmerizing sight, in line with many other Mega Neon pets.

🔥A Deep Dive into Frog Trivia: Setting it Apart

Unique Kingdom: The Frog stands out in Adopt Me! not just for its rarity but also for its lineage. Alongside the Axolotl, Bullfrog, and Salamander, it represents the game’s rich amphibian category. A tribute to the diverse animal kingdom!
Pioneer Status: The Frog isn’t merely an amphibian in Adopt Me!; it’s a pioneer. It has the distinction of being the very first amphibian pet in the game, marking the start of a whole new era for animal enthusiasts within the game.

😊The Frog’s Enduring Legacy in Adopt Me!

The Frog in Adopt Me! is not just another pet; it’s an embodiment of nature’s wonder. It introduces players to the fascinating world of amphibians and stands as a reminder of the game’s commitment to biodiversity. Whether players seek a hopping companion, a rare collectible, or a neon spectacle, the Frog offers it all. With its rich history, captivating appearance, and intriguing trivia, it continues to be a prized possession in the Adopt Me! universe, enticing both seasoned players and newbies alike.

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