Field Mouse Pet in Adopt Me!

If you’re an AdoptMe! aficionado, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the legendary Field Mouse. Introduced as part of the 2023 Spring Festival, this unique pet has fascinated players since its arrival on March 30, 2023. Let’s unravel the enigma surrounding the Field Mouse and why it’s a must-have in your AdoptMe! collection.

How to Obtain this Elusive Pet

The Field Mouse was initially available for purchase at the Springfest Shop in exchange for 75,000 Easter Eggs. Since the Spring Festival has concluded, the Field Mouse has become a rare commodity, obtainable only through trading with other players.

A Close Look at Its Captivating Appearance

With its round brown body, elongated ears with beige insides, and a beige underbelly, the Field Mouse captivates at first sight. It stands on four pink feet and sports a matching pink nose and tail. A tuft of brown fur on its head and two black eyes complete its endearing look.

Mastering the Tricks of the Field Mouse

As the Field Mouse grows, it learns various tricks that delight its owners. Starting with the basic ‘Sit’ command as a Newborn, the pet evolves to learn ‘Joyful’ as a Junior, ‘Beg’ in the Pre-Teen stage, ‘Jump’ as a Teen, and two mysterious tricks as it matures into a Post-Teen and Full Grown pet.

The Stunning Neon Appearance

If you thought the Field Mouse couldn’t get any more appealing, wait until you behold its Neon version! Its inner ears, nose, whiskers, tail, and feet radiate a mesmerizing yellow glow, making it an unmistakable standout in any setting.

The Ultimate Mega Neon Transformation

For players who crave the extraordinary, the Mega Neon Field Mouse is the ultimate aspiration. In this variant, the same areas that glow in the Neon version cycle through the colors of the rainbow, ensuring that your pet is not just a head-turner but a conversation starter!ñ

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