Evil Unicorn Pet in Adopt Me!

If you’re an AdoptMe enthusiast seeking to expand your collection with unique and legendary pets, the Evil Unicorn should be at the top of your list. Unveiled during the 2019 Halloween Event, this elusive creature is nothing short of a marvel. Here’s your ultimate guide to the Evil Unicorn in AdoptMe.

How to Obtaining the Evil Unicorn in AdoptMe

Released on October 15, 2019, as part of the 2019 Halloween Event, the Evil Unicorn was initially available for purchase at the Candy Trading Shop for 108,000 Candy Icons. However, this bewitching pet was only available for one week and was subsequently removed on November 1, 2019. At present, the only way to obtain this pet is through trading.

What Does the Evil Unicorn Look Like

The Evil Unicorn is an aesthetic spectacle with a black body, dark red horn, mane, and tail. Its eyes glow a menacing red, and the insides of its ears are a pale pink. The horn, originally black, was later changed to a dark red, adding to its overall allure.

A Performer at Heart: Tricks and Skills

More than just its intriguing appearance, the Evil Unicorn is a performer. As it evolves from a Newborn to a Full Grown pet, it learns an array of tricks. Starting with ‘Sit’ and progressing to ‘Dance’, the Evil Unicorn keeps its owners entertained throughout its life stages.

The Allure of Neon and Mega Neon

The Neon Evil Unicorn is a showstopper, but discerning it from its regular counterpart can be challenging in daylight. This is because the regular Evil Unicorn already has glowing red eyes. The Neon version, however, takes it a step further by glowing bright red on its mane, inner ears, horn, eyes, and tail. For those looking for even more pizazz, the Mega Neon Evil Unicorn cycles through the shades of red, pink, and orange in the same glowing areas.

Guide on Evil Unicorn in AdoptMe

The Evil Unicorn isn’t just another pet in AdoptMe; it’s an epitome of rarity, mystique, and allure. Its limited availability and extraordinary look make it highly coveted among players. Furthermore, the Neon and Mega Neon variants add extra layers of glamor and prestige, making the Evil Unicorn a prized possession in any AdoptMe collection.

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