Dragon Pet in Adopt Me!

If you’re keen on owning a legendary mythical creature in AdoptMe, look no further than the Dragon. Introduced on June 15, 2019, the Dragon has captivated the hearts of players with its stunning visuals and enchanting tricks. Here’s your go-to guide for everything you need to know about the Dragon in AdoptMe.

How to Obtaining the Dragon in AdoptMe

The Dragon used to be obtainable through various eggs like the Royal Egg, Pet Egg, and Cracked Egg. However, following the Basic Egg Refresh update on July 14, 2022, it was moved to the Retired Egg. Now, the Dragon has a 1.5% chance of being hatched from a Retired Egg. You can also acquire it by trading with other players.

A Detailed Look: What Does the Dragon Look Like?

The Dragon is nothing short of mesmerizing. It has a striking red skin complemented by a beige underbelly. The wings are especially eye-catching, each featuring a red spur with three beige-colored membranes. The face is equally fascinating, adorned with gray-black eyes, two white fangs, and beige horns. Its four red feet complete the mythical look.

Skills and Tricks: What Can the Dragon Do?

AdoptMe is all about interaction, and the Dragon offers a fun lineup of tricks as it grows. Starting as a Newborn, your Dragon will learn to sit. By the time it reaches the Full-Grown stage, it can perform a dance. The journey in between includes lay down, bounce, roll over, and backflip tricks, adding an entertaining twist to pet ownership.

The Dragon’s Glow-Up: Neon and Mega Neon Forms

Think the Dragon couldn’t be more awe-inspiring? You’re in for a treat with its Neon and Mega Neon versions. In Neon form, its wing spurs, hooves, horns, and fangs glow a stunning bright white. The Mega Neon Dragon takes it up a notch by cycling through all the colors of the rainbow on these same glowing parts.

Guide on Dragon in AdoptMe

The Dragon is more than just another pet; it’s an experience. Its majestic appearance, intricate detailing, and array of tricks make it a sought-after companion. When you add the Neon and Mega Neon possibilities, the Dragon becomes a mesmerizing spectacle, offering more than just virtual companionship.

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