Diamond Dragon Pet in Adopt Me!

When it comes to legendary pets in AdoptMe, the Diamond Dragon takes the spotlight as one of the most extraordinary and rare creatures. Added alongside the Diamond Griffin and the Diamond Unicorn, this pet has become the epitome of luxury and rarity. Let’s explore what makes the Diamond Dragon so awe-inspiring.

How to Obtaining the Diamond Dragon in AdoptMe

As part of the Star Rewards update launched on March 20, 2020, the Diamond Dragon can only be obtained by hatching a Diamond Egg or through trading. The Diamond Egg, a final reward in the second phase of Star Rewards, requires an astonishing commitment—a login streak of approximately one year and three months. When you finally get the chance to hatch the Diamond Egg, there’s a 33.3% chance that you’ll be the proud owner of a Diamond Dragon.

What Does the Diamond Dragon Look Like

With a metallic-blue body and golden accents such as claws, horns, and an underbelly, the Diamond Dragon is a sight to behold. Its chameleon-like feature lets it change color throughout the day; the metallic blue becomes silvery-white under the sun, while at night, its body takes on a dark blue hue with golden areas turning into a darker yellow.

Showcasing Talents: The Tricks Your Diamond Dragon Can Perform

Beauty and grace are not the Diamond Dragon’s only virtues; it’s also immensely talented. From basic tricks like sitting and laying down to intricate stunts like backflips and dancing, the pet evolves in its abilities as it grows. Each life stage brings a new trick, adding layers of fun and interaction.

Adding Radiance to Rarity: Neon and Mega Neon Diamond Dragon

If you thought the Diamond Dragon couldn’t get more glamorous, think again. The Neon version of this pet features a glowing gold on its wing membranes, underbelly, fangs, and horns. The Mega Neon version takes it a step further by cycling through a radiant palette of pink, white, and blue.

Guide on Diamond Dragon in AdoptMe

The Diamond Dragon is not just a pet; it’s a commitment, a showpiece, and a companion. It demands your loyalty with a strenuous login streak and rewards you with breathtaking beauty and talents. Whether you are a collector aiming for the rarest pets or a casual player wanting a unique companion, the Diamond Dragon is a perfect match for you.

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