Diamond Amazon Pet in Adopt Me!

AdoptMe! has been the stage for an array of fantastic pets, but none as luxurious and mysterious as the Diamond Amazon. Unveiled on February 9, 2023, alongside the Rain Weather Update, this pet can be yours for just 199 Robux. However, time is of the essence! You can only obtain this beauty during the Rain Weather Update, which occurs on the 23rd of each month.

A Once-in-a-Month Opportunity: The Rain Weather Update

If you’ve marked your calendar for the 23rd of each month, you’re in for a treat. The Rain Weather Update opens up the Rain Pet Shop, where you can purchase a Golden Plantain for 199 Robux to unlock the Diamond Amazon or acquire it via trading with other players.

Behold the Beauty: Physical Attributes of the Diamond Amazon

The Diamond Amazon boasts a metallic blue curved body that immediately captivates the eye. This creature also features a metallic blue beak and two black eyes. But it doesn’t end there: its head is mainly gold with blue spots under the eyes, and it has gold feathers under its wings and gold feet.

Showtime! Tricks Your Diamond Amazon Can Perform

While the Diamond Amazon is a feast for the eyes, it’s also a talented performer. As it matures, it learns a series of tricks from ‘Sit’ to ‘Jump,’ with more advanced tricks to unveil in the Post-Teen and Full-Grown stages.

Dazzling in Neon: Level Up to a Neon Diamond Amazon

If you think the Diamond Amazon couldn’t be more stunning, wait until you witness its Neon version. The Neon Diamond Amazon’s head and wings glow a brilliant yellow, while portions of its head, feet, and tail glow a soothing blue.

An Ever-Changing Spectacle: The Mega Neon Diamond Amazon

For the ultimate AdoptMe player, the Mega Neon Diamond Amazon is the crème de la crème. All the areas that glow in the Neon version cycle through the colors of the rainbow, making it a pet that’s ever-changing and endlessly fascinating.

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