Clownfish Pet in Adopt Me!

The enchanting underwater world has always been a subject of fascination, and Adopt Me! recreated that magic on April 16, 2021, with the introduction of the Clownfish.


Launched as part of the Ocean Egg update, this limited ultra-rare pet made waves among the gaming community. However, like a rare oceanic jewel, the Clownfish’s availability was fleeting, and as of August 19, 2021, it has been removed from direct acquisition.

Name Image Price Rarity
Clownfish Clownfish adopt me 750 (Ocean Egg) Ultra Rare

🐟An Exquisite Introduction: The Arrival of the Clownfish

Currently, the adventurous and the hopeful can only attain this beauty by hatching any remaining Ocean Eggs, with a 10% chance of obtaining it, or by navigating the trade waters.

πŸ™‚Diving into Aesthetics: The Vivid Design of the Clownfish

Recreating the iconic design of its real-world counterpart, the Clownfish in Adopt Me! boasts vibrant stripes in yellow, black, and white. It’s impossible not to be charmed by its beady black eyes which gleam with mischief. The precise detailing extends to the Clownfish’s fins – two dominant fins on its sides and a distinctive double fin both on its back and underside. The large tail fin, accentuated by the black outlines, brings the design together, making it a standout character in the game.

βœ…More than Just Looks: The Playful Nature of the Clownfish

Despite its serene appearance, the Clownfish is a bundle of joy! From its infantile days, where it learns the fundamental ‘Sit’ trick, it progresses to ‘Joyful’ antics in its Junior stage. As it matures, ‘Beg’ and ‘Jump’ become part of its repertoire. Players eagerly anticipate the two unique tricks it masters in its Post-Teen and Full-Grown stages, aptly named ‘Trick 1’ and ‘Trick 2’. These engaging activities bring out the Clownfish’s endearing personality, making it an instant favorite among players.

✨Glow and Charm: The Neon and Mega Neon Clownfish Variants

While the Clownfish’s original design is sure to captivate, Adopt Me! aficionados know the thrill of elevating their pets to Neon and Mega Neon statuses. The Neon Clownfish offers a mesmerizing light orange glow, highlighting its white stripes. This subtle yet impactful luminescence adds a touch of magic. For those who aim for the pinnacle of beauty, the Mega Neon Clownfish is a sight to behold. Cycling through a mesmerizing rainbow on its white stripes, this variant encapsulates the ethereal beauty of the ocean’s wonders.

πŸ”₯Dive Deeper: Interesting Tidbits about the Clownfish

In the vast world of Adopt Me!, every pet brings along its unique quirks, and the Clownfish is no exception. For the fashion-forward players who love accessorizing their pets, here’s a fun fact: the Clownfish’s design does not accommodate shoe accessories. While this might seem like a limitation, it only underscores the Clownfish’s unique nature, ensuring it remains true to its aquatic roots.

😊The Clownfish in Adopt Me!: A Tribute to Oceanic Splendor

The Clownfish’s arrival in Adopt Me! mirrors the game’s commitment to bringing diverse experiences inspired by the natural world. A vivid representation of marine life, the Clownfish is not just an in-game pet but a celebration of the wonders of the ocean. Whether you’re an ardent Adopt Me! player or a newcomer, the Clownfish promises an immersive experience, ensuring every moment spent with it is filled with joy and awe.

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