Chicken Pet in Adopt Me!

On November 22, 2019, the ever-popular gaming universe of Adopt Me! introduced a delightful new addition to its pet family – the Chicken.

Chicken adopt me

The Introduction of the Chicken in Adopt Me!

As a limited common pet, it was added along with the Farm Egg. Due to the unavailability of the Farm Egg now, obtaining a Chicken is possible only through trading with other players or hatching any remaining Farm Eggs. The chance of hatching a common pet from the Farm Egg stood at 20%, giving players a fair shot at adding a Chicken to their collection.

Unraveling the Appearance of the Chicken

Boasting a distinct aesthetic that’s both cute and engaging, the Chicken in Adopt Me! is characterized by a white tail and body, red wattle, and a pair of white wings. Yellow feet and claws, along with a yellow beak, give the Chicken an authentic touch. The finishing elements of its appearance include a red comb and beady black eyes, making the Chicken a visually charming pet.

Tricks that the Chicken Learns

The Chicken is capable of performing an array of tricks that make it a delightful companion in the game. As a newborn, the Chicken can ‘Sit’ and as it evolves to a junior, it learns to ‘Lay Down’. When it grows into a pre-teen, it develops the ability to ‘Dig’. The teenage Chicken can express ‘Joy’, and as a post-teen, it can perform ‘Dance 1’. Finally, when the Chicken reaches its full grown stage, it can execute ‘Dance 2’. These tricks provide a dynamic interactive element, enhancing the player’s experience.

Neon and Mega Neon Appearance

The Neon Chicken and Mega Neon Chicken in Adopt Me! are stunning visual spectacles. The Neon Chicken glows red on its tail, feet, wattle, comb, and beak, creating an enchanting visual aura. The Mega Neon Chicken takes this a notch higher. While it glows in the same places as its Neon form, the glow transitions through the colors of the rainbow, creating a captivating display of colors.

Interesting Facts about the Chicken in Adopt Me!

The Chicken holds a unique position in the world of Adopt Me!. It was the first common pet available from Gumball Machine eggs. Unlike the Safari Egg and Jungle Egg, the Farm Egg, Aussie Egg, Fossil Egg, Ocean Egg, Mythic Egg, and Woodland Egg did include a common pet. Interestingly, the Chicken is also one of the only birds in the game that doesn’t grow wings when flown.

The Enduring Appeal of the Chicken in Adopt Me!

The Chicken in Adopt Me!, with its unique features and engaging interactive abilities, stands as a favorite among players. Although obtaining a Chicken has become more challenging due to the retirement of the Farm Egg, its enduring appeal keeps players excited about trading or hatching remaining Farm Eggs to add this lovable pet to their collection. This guide is a tribute to the joy and engagement that the Chicken brings to the delightful world of Adopt Me!

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