Capricorn Pet in Adopt Me!

AdoptMe! is always innovating with exciting additions, but the release of the legendary Capricorn on June 30, 2022, has set a new bar. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about this majestic creature, ensuring you make the most of your investment in the Capricorn in AdoptMe.


How to Acquire Your Own Capricorn

The Capricorn can be obtained in two primary ways. It’s available in the Pet Shop and can also be purchased from the Shop GUI for 1,250 Robux, inclusive of the Space Bundle gamepass. If you’re not keen on spending, you can also secure this legendary pet through trading, but make sure you have something equally alluring to trade!

The Aesthetic Majesty of the Capricorn

Even within the myriad of colorful and unique pets in AdoptMe!, the Capricorn stands out. Its body is awash in a deep shade of purple, contrasting vividly with a sparkling black underbelly, mane, and horns. Two beady black eyes and a petite black nose complete the captivating visual.

Skills and Tricks of the Capricorn

But don’t let its good looks deceive you; the Capricorn is not just another pretty face. As it progresses through different life stages—from Newborn to Full Grown—it acquires a variety of tricks, including Sit, Joyful, Beg, Jump, Trick 1, and Trick 2, which can keep you entertained for hours on end.

Neon Extravagance: The Neon Capricorn

The Neon Capricorn pushes the boundaries of pet aesthetics in AdoptMe! This variant illuminates bright yellow on its body, ears, head, feet, and the tips of its tail, making it a glowing spectacle that will draw eyes wherever you go.

The Ultimate Upgrade: The Mega Neon Capricorn

If the Neon Capricorn is a spectacle, the Mega Neon Capricorn is a showstopper. It cycles through the colors of the rainbow in all the areas that the Neon version glows. Owning this version is like having a mini fireworks display accompanying you at all times.

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