Border Collie Pet in Adopt Me!

The advent of the Spring Festival in 2023 brought forth a wind of delightful changes, and atop the list was the release of the Border Collie—a pet that immediately carved its niche in the Adopt Me! universe.

Border Collie

Launched on March 23, 2023, during the Spring Festival celebrations, this furry friend was exclusively available for players in the Springfest Shop for the price of 150 Robux (symbolized by the 2019 Robux Black Logo).

Name Image Price Rarity
The Border Collie BorderCollie adopt me 150 Robux Rare

🐕Unveiling a Rare Gem: The Border Collie’s Entry into Adopt Me!

However, since the festival’s conclusion, this endearing canine can only be acquired through the bustling trade hubs of the game.

🙂A Portrait of Grace: The Aesthetics of the Border Collie

The Border Collie, true to its real-world counterpart, captivates players with its intricate design and heartwarming appearance. Flaunting a light black body, it is elegantly adorned with white spots that accentuate its face, chest, and paws. Its black nose and eyes, combined with a playful pink tongue, enhance its charm, making it one of the most adored pets within the game’s vast collection.

Learning and Growing: The Border Collie’s Journey

Every pet in Adopt Me! possesses a unique set of tricks, gradually unveiled as they progress from one life stage to the next. The Border Collie is no exception. Starting as a Newborn with the quintessential ‘Sit’ command, this sprightly pup advances to express ‘Joyful’ antics in its Junior phase. A ‘Jump’ during the Pre-Teen stage aptly reflects its exuberance, while the ‘Beg’ command during its Teen years showcases its endearing side. The mystery shrouding the Post-Teen and Full Grown stages’ tricks only adds to the excitement of raising this pet.

A Radiant Revelation: Neon and Mega Neon Transitions

The allure of the Border Collie is exponentially enhanced when it transforms into its Neon and Mega Neon versions. The Neon Border Collie mesmerizes with a serene blue glow, illuminating its face, areas under its ears, underbelly, tail tip, and feet. For those seeking an even more spellbinding spectacle, the Mega Neon Border Collie offers a captivating display. Emulating the Neon glow areas, the Mega Neon version introduces a dance of rainbow hues, cycling in harmony and adding unparalleled magic to the pet’s demeanor.

🔥The Border Collie’s Legacy: A Unique Trivia

Distinguishing itself from the plethora of pets available, the Border Collie carries a unique legacy in Adopt Me!. It is celebrated as the first pet available for purchase with Robux—signified by the Robux 2019 Logo Black—that isn’t tagged as ultra-rare or legendary. This distinction underscores its significance and unique place in the Adopt Me! timeline.

😊Embracing the Border Collie: A Testament to Adopt Me!’s Innovation

The introduction of the Border Collie in Adopt Me! serves as a testament to the game’s relentless pursuit of diversity and innovation. Its heartwarming design, progression of tricks, and ethereal neon transformations make it a cherished companion for players. Its unique legacy, both in terms of its aesthetics and its Robux-based availability, ensures its place as a treasured gem in the annals of Adopt Me! history.

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