Bloodhound in Adopt Me!

January 12, 2023, will always be marked as a significant date in the timeline of Adopt Me! enthusiasts.


On this special day, the game welcomed a new, limited-edition furry friend β€” the Bloodhound.

Name Image Price Rarity
BloodHound Bloodhound adopt me 600$ Rare

🐢The Arrival of the Bloodhound: A Limited Edition Wonder

Its availability, however, was as unique as its design, lasting just for a week, only to be removed on January 19. But those fortunate enough to purchase this rare pet had the chance to acquire it for Bucks 600 at a unique stand located in the Accessory Shop. Today, with the Bloodhound no longer available in the shop, players are on the lookout to obtain it through trades, making it one of the most sought-after pets in the game.

πŸ™‚A Closer Look: The Bloodhound’s Distinctive Appearance

Delving into the aesthetics of the Bloodhound, it’s no surprise why it’s a fan favorite. The Bloodhound boasts a long tan body, complemented perfectly by its paws and head. But what adds to its charm is the dark brown hue of its thin tail, ears, and nose. This detailed shading contrasts beautifully with its light tan muzzle and black eyes. And who could resist that adorable pink tongue peeking out playfully? In essence, the Bloodhound is a splendid representation of its real-world counterpart in the realm of Adopt Me!.

βœ…From Pup to Grown Dog: The Bloodhound’s Trick Evolution

Every pet in Adopt Me! brings with it an array of tricks that delight its owner, and the Bloodhound is no exception. Beginning as a Newborn with the basic ‘Sit’ command, it gradually evolves to exhibit ‘Joyful’ antics as a Junior. As it matures into its Pre-Teen and Teen stages, ‘Beg’ and ‘Jump’ tricks come into play. And as it reaches the pinnacle of its growth in Post-Teen and Full Grown stages, it unveils two unique tricks, creating endless entertaining interactions for the players.

✨A Radiant Glow: The Neon and Mega Neon Bloodhound

For players who thrive on the vibrant and the unique, the Neon Bloodhound offers a visual treat. Exhibiting a bright yellow glow on its ears, tail, and muzzle, it turns into an animated spectacle in the virtual world. But the luminous allure doesn’t stop there. The Mega Neon variant further amplifies the Bloodhound’s charisma. Cycling through the mesmerizing colors of the rainbow in the same glowing areas, the Mega Neon Bloodhound is truly a sight to behold, making it a must-have for pet enthusiasts in the game.

πŸ”₯Did You Know? The Bloodhound’s Playful Sidekick

An intriguing piece of trivia that adds another layer to the Bloodhound’s appeal is its toy counterpart β€” the Dog Leash. This delightful accessory not only enhances gameplay but also stands as a testament to the Bloodhound’s popularity within the Adopt Me! community.

😊The Bloodhound’s Lasting Legacy in Adopt Me!

The Bloodhound’s fleeting presence in the Adopt Me! marketplace has made it an iconic figure in the game. Its detailed design, combined with its vibrant neon versions, ensures that it remains etched in the memories of players. Whether you’re an avid dog lover, a passionate gamer, or someone who appreciates the fine nuances of virtual pets, the Bloodhound is undeniably a cherished addition to the Adopt Me! universe.

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