Black Kite Pet in Adopt Me!

Are you always on the hunt for the most exquisite pets in Adopt Me!?

Black Kite

Say hello to the latest addition: the limited ultra-rare Black Kite, released on August 24, 2023.

Name Image Price Rarity
Black Kite BlackKite adopt me Bucks 750 (Urban Egg) Ultra Rare

🐦The Majestic Arrival of the Black Kite

This magnificent bird of prey promises to elevate your virtual pet collection like never before.

🙂Obtaining the Black Kite: A Treasure Awaits You

Are you ready to spread your wings and explore the new possibilities? You can obtain the Black Kite either by hatching it from an Urban Egg or by trading with other players. No matter the method, having a Black Kite will make you the envy of your friends and elevate your status in the Adopt Me! community.

Appearance: The Epitome of Elegance and Grandeur

Though specific details about the Black Kite’s appearance are yet to be fully revealed, it’s evident that this is no ordinary bird. As an ultra-rare pet, expect the Black Kite to have a stunning design that captures its real-world majesty. It’s a high-flyer both literally and aesthetically, and will undoubtedly add an air of sophistication to your Adopt Me! experience.

The Neon and Mega Neon Spectacle: Illuminate the Skies

Think the Black Kite couldn’t get any more mesmerizing? Wait until you see its Neon and Mega Neon variants. The Neon Black Kite takes the original’s majesty to new heights—part of its wings, eye markings, beak, and tail glow yellow, offering a breathtaking spectacle. The Mega Neon version goes even further, cycling these radiant parts through the colors of the rainbow.

🔥Tricks: The Mystery Unfurls

While the Black Kite’s list of tricks is still “To Be Announced” (TBA), we can only imagine the sky-high antics this pet will bring into the game. Given its ultra-rare status, the tricks it performs are sure to be just as extraordinary as the bird itself. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on the Black Kite’s incredible capabilities.

🤗The Sky’s the Limit with the Black Kite

Whether you’re a seasoned Adopt Me! veteran or a newcomer looking to make a statement, the Black Kite is a must-have pet. With its forthcoming lineup of tricks and radiant Neon and Mega Neon variants, this limited ultra-rare pet promises a gaming experience like no other.

From hatching it from the Urban Egg to striking up trade deals to get it, owning a Black Kite in Adopt Me! means entering an exclusive club of players who appreciate the finer things in life. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own one of Adopt Me!’s most awe-inspiring pets. Add the Black Kite to your collection and spread your wings today!

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