Basilisk Pet in Adopt Me!

2022 marked an exhilarating Halloween event in Adopt Me! with the thrilling introduction of the Basilisk.


Released on October 6, 2022, the Basilisk not only embodied the spooky spirit of Halloween but also enriched the game with its unique features.

Name Image Price Rarity
Basilisk Basilisk adopt me 25000 Gingerbread Rare

🐍Introduction to the Basilisk: A Spooky Arrival in Adopt Me!

Originally priced at Candy Icon 25,000, a special event currency obtained through enthralling mini-games, the Basilisk now stands as a sought-after relic, only obtainable through trading, since the curtains have fallen on the event.

Visual Brilliance: Diving Deep into the Basilisk’s Appearance

Taking inspiration from mythical creatures, the Basilisk in Adopt Me! boasts a spectacular long green body peppered with light green flecks, invoking an air of mystique. Its sharp white teeth and sinuous red tongue add to its ferocity, while the beige ruffles crowning its eyes provide a touch of elegance. But what truly sets it apart is its hypnotic slithering animation when at rest, making it a standout in any player’s collection.

Training the Basilisk: A Journey from Newborn to Full Grown

The bond between an Adopt Me! player and their pet is solidified through the series of tricks the pet learns as it matures. The Basilisk, with its mythical aura, embarks on this very journey. Beginning its life as a Newborn with a simple ‘Sit’, it progresses to the ‘Joyful’ phase as a Junior. The Pre-Teen stage sees it ‘Beg’ while in its Teen phase, the Basilisk surprises with a ‘Jump’. Two more undisclosed tricks await players in the Post-Teen and Full Grown stages, promising continuous engagement.

🔥Illuminating Darkness: Neon and Mega Neon Evolutions

In the Neon form, the Basilisk transcends its natural beauty. Key features like the spots on its back and the ruffles above its eyes glow in a haunting bright green, making it a beacon during the dark Halloween nights in the game. Players seeking even more spectacle can elevate their pet to the Mega Neon stage, where the Basilisk displays a chromatic dance as the glow cycles through the vivacious colors of the rainbow.

😊Trivia & Noteworthy Tidbits: Unveiling the Secrets of the Basilisk

The Basilisk, though enchanting, wasn’t the sole star of the 2022 Halloween event. Its more expensive counterpart, the Evil Basilisk, priced at a whopping Candy Icon 60,000, also made waves. What’s intriguing is that despite the Basilisk’s long body, players cannot accessorize it with any shoe items. This curious tidbit adds to the charm and exclusivity of the pet.

🙂The Basilisk in Adopt Me!: More Than Just a Mythical Creature

In the dynamic and evolving universe of Adopt Me!, the Basilisk stands tall as a testament to the game’s commitment to innovation and its homage to folklore. Beyond its striking visuals, the pet serves as a cherished memory of the 2022 Halloween event and remains a prized possession for those fortunate to own it. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the world of Adopt Me!, the Basilisk is sure to captivate your imagination and hold a special place in your virtual heart.

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