Baku Pet in Adopt Me!

If you are looking to unravel the enchanting world of mythical creatures in AdoptMe!, the Baku is a must-have addition to your collection. Released on September 8, 2022, this legendary pet is now a rare find. Let’s explore why the Baku is a prized possession among AdoptMe! aficionados.

How to Get the Baku: Unlocking the Mystery

The Baku was originally obtainable via hatching Japan Eggs. Unfortunately, these eggs are no longer available, which means your best shot at owning this coveted creature now is by trading with other players or hatching any leftover Japan Eggs you might have.

A Sight to Behold: The Baku’s Unique Appearance

One look at the Baku, and you will be entranced by its exotic looks. It has a vibrant turquoise upper body, contrasted beautifully by a dark orange underbelly. It features tufts of wavy orange fur on its head, and it’s hard to miss its distinctive trunk. The turquoise ears with pink insides and the orange mane, feet, and tail complete its mesmerizing appearance.

Show Off Your Baku: Mastering Tricks

Aside from its spellbinding appearance, the Baku also has an arsenal of charming tricks. As a Newborn, the Baku can Sit, and as it grows to a Junior, it learns Joyful actions. In its Pre-Teen stage, it learns to Beg, followed by a Jump when it hits the Teen stage. The Baku continues to surprise you with two more tricks as it evolves into its Post-Teen and Full-Grown stages.

Lighting Up Your World: The Neon Baku

Just when you thought the Baku couldn’t get any more fascinating, its Neon version arrives to take your breath away. The Neon Baku glows an enchanting orange on its mane, eyebrows, feet, and tail, adding a surreal glow to this already captivating pet.

The Ultimate Showstopper: The Mega Neon Baku

If you’re a fan of visual spectacles, the Mega Neon Baku is where the magic truly lies. While it glows in the same areas as its Neon version, the Mega Neon Baku offers an evolving color show by cycling through the colors of the rainbow. This ever-changing palette makes the Mega Neon Baku a living, breathing work of art.

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