Albatross Pet in Adopt Me!

Debuting on May 12, 2022, the Albatross swooped into the virtual world of Adopt Me! to rapturous applause. Players can snag this ultra-rare pet either by trading or by splurging on a Golden Clam.


Costing a reasonable 199 Robux, this coveted item has a compelling 60% chance of bestowing upon you an Albatross.

Name Image Price Rarity
Albatross Albatross adopt me 199 Robux (Golden Clam) Ultra Rare

🐦A Majestic Arrival: The Tale of the Golden Clam

But wait, there’s a catch! You can only find this Golden Clam in the Snowy Igloo Shop—and only on the 28th of each month for a 36-hour window, making the Albatross a treasure truly worth seeking.

🙂Mesmerizing Variations: More than Just an Albatross

When it comes to this graceful pet, the Albatross is not a one-size-fits-all affair. For those looking to take their collections to new heights, two more variations await: the Golden Albatross and the Diamond Albatross. These exquisite versions amp up the aesthetics and desirability, offering collectors a chance to own a truly one-of-a-kind pet.

Feathered Elegance: The Physical Features of the Albatross

This avian wonder boasts a white, streamlined body flanked by two large wings, giving it a look of sheer elegance. Accentuating its beady black eyes are gray, wing-shaped liners, and let’s not forget its vibrant orange beak. The gray feathers on its wings and tail provide a sublime contrast, further enhancing its striking appearance.

From Novice to Maestro: The Trick Learning Journey

Just like every other Adopt Me! pet, the Albatross also has its set of tricks up its wing. Starting as a newborn with the basic ‘Sit,’ the Albatross grows into its ‘Joyful’ junior phase, followed by ‘Beg’ during pre-teen, ‘Jump’ in the teen stage, and two more undisclosed tricks as it becomes a post-teen and eventually a full-grown pet. These tricks make interaction with the Albatross a continuous journey of joyful discovery.

🔥Neon and Mega Neon: A Splash of Radiant Colors

For those who crave a little more glitz, the Neon Albatross dazzles with a cream-yellow glow on the white part of its wings, the ends of its tail feathers, and its unique eyeliner. Want to make an even bigger statement? The Mega Neon Albatross cycles through the colors of the rainbow in the same glowing areas, making it the center of attention in any Adopt Me! adventure.

The Albatross is more than just a virtual pet; it’s an embodiment of the creativity and attention to detail that make Adopt Me! such an enthralling game. Its rarity and intricate features make it a prized possession in any player’s collection. With limited availability through the Golden Clam and its exclusive residence in the Snowy Igloo Shop, the Albatross remains a highly sought-after pet for both casual players and serious collectors alike.

Whether you’re in it for the thrill of owning a rare pet or you’re looking to enhance your experience with one of the game’s most aesthetically pleasing companions, the Albatross is sure to exceed your expectations. Happy hunting—or should we say, happy soaring—in the vibrant world of Adopt Me!

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