African Wild Dog Pet in Adopt Me!

The African Wild Dog made a stellar entry into the virtual world of Adopt Me! on July 13, 2023. With its unique acquisition method and striking appearance, itโ€™s quickly become a must-have pet for players.

African Wild Dog

When it comes to obtaining this pet, the African Wild Dog has a distinct pathway.

Name Image Price Rarity
African Wild Dog AfricanWildDog adopt me Robux 295 – Robux 500 (5 UGC items) Ultra Rare

๐Ÿ•The African Wild Dog’s Grand Arrival in Adopt Me!

Introduced as an ultra-rare pet, the African Wild Dog offers not only aesthetic appeal but also a series of tricks that make it stand out in the Adopt Me! universe.

๐Ÿ™‚How to Get Your Paws on the African Wild Dog

Unlike traditional pets that are bought directly, you acquire this one by purchasing 5 UGC (User Generated Content) items in the Accessory Shop. Depending on the price range of these UGC items, which varies from 59 to 100 Robux, acquiring the African Wild Dog can cost you between 295 and 500 Robux. Alternatively, you can obtain it through trading.

โœ…Appearance: A True Canine Beauty

If it’s elegance and uniqueness you’re after, the appearance of the African Wild Dog won’t disappoint. It sports a dark brown body with brown ears, black eyes, and a small nose. The inner ears are filled with off-white fluff, and its back is adorned with a beautiful tan coat that has brown and off-white spots. To top it all off, it has a small tail that adds to its charm.

โœจTricks: The African Wild Dogโ€™s Repertoire

Similar to other pets, the African Wild Dog goes through various life stages where it learns new tricks. Starting as a Newborn, it knows ‘Sit,’ followed by ‘Joyful’ as a Junior. As it matures to Pre-Teen and Teen stages, it learns to ‘Beg’ and ‘Jump.’ The Post-Teen and Full Grown stages see the introduction of ‘Trick 1’ and ‘Trick 2,’ giving you even more ways to interact with your pet.

๐Ÿ”ฅNeon and Mega Neon Glamour: Light Up Your African Wild Dog

The visual spectacle doesn’t end at its base form. The Neon and Mega Neon versions of the African Wild Dog take its charm up a notch. In the Neon variant, the insides of its ears, spots, tail, and front feet glow neon green. On the other hand, the Mega Neon variant keeps the same glowing areas but cycles through an entire rainbow of colors for an eye-popping display.

๐Ÿค—Why the African Wild Dog is a Must-Have

If you’re an Adopt Me! aficionado or even a casual player, having an African Wild Dog in your collection is like owning a piece of virtual art. Its unique acquisition method makes it a novel item, and its appealing aesthetics make it a standout among other pets. Coupled with its learning abilities and the stunning Neon and Mega Neon variants, this pet is a full package.

In summary, the African Wild Dog adds a layer of depth and excitement to the ever-expanding world of Adopt Me!, making it a pet that you surely donโ€™t want to miss out on.

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